Do you wish you could grow your business faster?

After planting the seed we wait.

Sometimes for days… Sometimes weeks… Sometimes months… Sometimes longer.  

When the time is right, each tiny seed breaks through the ground, like a mini-earthquake.

We wait and observe till it’s ready to burst through the ground.

The reality is that although we don’t see anything happening prior to that mini-earthquake, the seed is busily germinating and preparing itself to appear above the ground.

Why am I using the seed analogy when YOUR business isn’t a new business?

Because whenever you’re doing something new in our business, whenever you’re seeking to grow our business, it is like the seed breaking through the ground.

Fertilizer, soil composition and temperature along with when we plant the seed, affects the germination of our seed.

In your businesses, you sometimes get very impatient when you’re doing all you know how to do and nothing is happening as quickly as you’d like it to.

“Daphne is brilliant at concisely summarizing what the issue is and helping me find possible solutions.  I now have clarity about how to move forward.  My business is reinvigorated.”

Lynne Roe

LSR Consultants, New Jersey, USA

Is it time for you to make more money AND have more time?

“Daphne gave me a different perspective on what is happening in my business and personal life.”

Louise Hancox

Head 2 Toe, Rangiora, New Zealand

Daphne encourages growth and collaboration by bringing like-minded professional women to the table. With a keen ear and sharp eye, she conveys constructive feedback to make positive impact

Melissa St Clair

Paper Chaser, South Carolina, USA

Decide is your powerful, practical, magical PATH to scale your business so you have more time.

Are you ready to receive the support you deserve so you can make more profit in your business?

At last YOU can!

Just to be clear, this is NOT for YOU if …

  • You’re unwilling to prioritise yourself and your business
  • You think you can do it all alone
  • You’re not willing to do things differently

But this is TOTALLY PERFECT for you if …

  • You’re ready to step up and lead your business
  • You’re serious and excited about scaling your business so you have more time and make more money
  • You’re an action taker, a decision maker and a go-getter

Decide offers you powerful, practical ways to boost your bottom line and have more time..

“One of Daphne’s gifts is her strong ability to clarify, to cut through the noise and call people to get into action.”

Jannette Anderson

Calgary, Canada

Are you ready to have more time AND make more profit in your business?

Decide is your powerful, practical, magical PATH to boost your business so you have more You’re in Decide for six months so you receive support whilst you implement what you’re discovering and form new habits.   


Your Decide benefits include:

Private coaching calls with Daphne, with private coaching you’ll accomplish so much more than you ever would on your own (value $1,200)

– Group coaching calls where you get strategies, systems, formulas and exercises you need to scale and transform your business; plus Q&A and laser-coaching so you receive the support you need to succeed (value $2,400)

– Private Facebook group for coaching, questions, sharing, networking, celebrate breakthroughs and success (value – priceless)

– Done for You Resources  – checklists, templates, scripts and resources to help you quickly implement what you’re discovering (value – priceless)
Prep tool so you receive maximum value from your private coaching
Post-session accountability to keep you focused on ‘on track’ to achieving your desired results
– Access to me for ‘just in time’ coaching as often as you choose
Private client portal to keep you organised and to submit documents for review


Are you tired of not being where you thought you’d be by now?

Do you wish you knew how to have more time and freedom?

Are you ready to receive the support you deserve so you can scale your business faster?

Add an extra zero to your bottom line. 

Powerful, practical ways to boost your business and have more time.

Live in New Zealand?

As always, if you live in New Zealand and prefer to invest in NZD YOU CAN HERE!

"Coaching with Daphne has been a powerful experience.  She has helped me wade through what was an overwhelming time and bring clarity to what was important for me.  With Daphne's help and support I had the confidence to recognise and face the issues that arose and set some specific actions to help me move forwards.  Daphne has most definitely been a worthwhile investment."

Julie Sim

Auckland, N.Z.

"I am grateful to Daphne for the support and understanding she gave me during our coaching sessions.  Her insights were invaluable, and I felt safe discussing areas that I felt were hindering my growth, both personally and professionally"

Louise Hancox

Head 2 Toe, Rangiora, New Zealand

Your business will only grow as much as YOU do

"I came to Daphne because I wanted someone to keep me accountable.  Daphne was brilliant at concisely summarizing what the issue is and helping me find possible solutions"

Lynne Roe

LSR Consultants, New Jersey, USA

"Daphne truly cares about me and my business"

Lucy Dawkins

Bristol, UK

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