Remember why you started …

When you feel like giving up …


Remember why you started.

When you’re feeling despondent, remember why you started.

When you’re feeling tired at the end of a long day and there’s still more to do before the day is over, remember why you started.

When you’ve so much to do that you’re not sure where to start, remember why you started.

Why you started is your why. 

Why you started is why you keep on going, when you weren’t sure you could.

Why you started is the reason you’ve stayed in the room, when you’ve felt like giving up.

Your why is vital to your survival as an entrepreneur. 

Your why is central to your success as an entrepreneur.

Your why is one of the core components of your business foundation.  Like any building, the firmer your business foundations are, the stronger your business is. 

Your business foundations are a core piece of my PATH system that is central to serving and supporting my clients.  Together we clarify your foundations so they are firm to withstand the storms that life will inevitably throw at you. 

How clear is your why?

How firm are your business foundations? 



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Daphne Wells, Inspiritress of Can-do-it-ness and founder of Passion for Growth, helps eminent female leaders make more money and have more time by creating scalability and freedom.

Her true magic lies in her ability to clarify, to see possibilities, create ideas and inspirit you to implement.

As a young woman she quietly and effectively changed an industry, opening doors for women in a previously male-dominated field.  For many years Daphne has guided leaders to be more effective in their roles.   

Courageous and high-achieving women business owners,leaders, coaches, service professionals, therapists and entrepreneurs round the globe, all of whom have big hearts and yearn to make a difference and make money, hire Daphne so they can add an extra zero to their businesses without sacrificing themselves in the process.

As a certified professional coach, mastermind leader and facilitator, with a history of birthing and growing small businesses, Daphne has a deep passion to inspirit eminent leadership.

She lives in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand from where she works with high-achieving and courageous women leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide.  She’s President of ICF NZ Southern.

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"Coaching with Daphne has been a powerful experience.  She has helped me wade through what was an overwhelming time and bring clarity to what was important for me.  With Daphne's help and support I had the confidence to recognise and face the issues that arose and set some specific actions to help me move forwards.  Daphne has most definitely been a worthwhile investment."

Julie Sim

Auckland, N.Z.

"I am grateful to Daphne for the support and understanding she gave me during our coaching sessions.  Her insights were invaluable, and I felt safe discussing areas that I felt were hindering my growth, both personally and professionally"

Louise Hancox

Head 2 Toe, Rangiora, New Zealand

Your business will only grow as much as YOU do

"I came to Daphne because I wanted someone to keep me accountable.  Daphne was brilliant at concisely summarizing what the issue is and helping me find possible solutions"

Lynne Roe

LSR Consultants, New Jersey, USA

"Daphne truly cares about me and my business"

Lucy Dawkins

Bristol, UK

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