2022 energy forecast

After the chaos and uncertainty of 2020 and 2021 …

Would you love to feel securely supported in 2022?

Your energy is your currency.

When you show up in alignment the Universe is always there for you.

Your energy affects everything in your life and business.


Who you are matters.

How you show up matters.

Your work matters.

The more you lean into sharing your magick with the world, in alignment with your energy, the more you open yourself up to receiving everything you want – money, success, freedom and adventure – with grace and ease.

Your Energy Forecast is completely unique to you!

Which will you choose?

Your Energy Forecast 2022

Discover what 2022 is asking of you and how the Universe will support you.  

Understand your personal energetic rhythm to plan with confidence.  

You get your Forecast 2022 report delivered in a private call with me and together we’ll create a magical plan for you to get exactly what you want in 2022.


Full year of support to navigate your seasonal shifts that occur every 52 days so you know exactly what to expect in each of your personal energy seasons – deep dives into each season in private calls with me.

Energetic Strategy Plan 2022

VIP day to energetically strategize your success in 2022.  We integrate your energy forecast so that you leave our session with the strategies you need to succeed, a clear plan to grow your business and initial steps for you to take.   



Ready to make more money and feel more

success & freedom?

Let’s hop on a call and I’ll help shine a light on what’s really going on so you can better understand what you need to move forward.

No pressure from my end; I’ll only suggest we work together if I am utterly convinced that you're an aligned client for me.