You're desperate for things to change FAST!

You’ve tried it all!  You’ve joined programs, read books, listened to webinars and done free challenges. 

You’ve made excuses for why your life isn’t what you’d dreamed it would be, why your business isn’t performing as you hoped it would and why you’re not making the money you want or need to. 

You’ve complained till the cows come home, again and again, and you’re tired of hearing yourself tell the same stories.

Underlying it all you believe you can’t afford a coach and that you don’t have time.

That time you think you’re saving; you’re probably spending doing stuff that doesn’t truly matter as it’s not getting you closer to where you want to be.

The money you’re not investing in YOU and your future, you’re probably spending on other stuff.  

You’re sleep-walking toward an abyss!


NOW is your time to stop doing it all alone!

“One of Daphne’s gifts is her strong ability to clarify, to cut through the noise and call people to get into action.”

Jannette Anderson

Calgary, Canada

Truth is, if you could have, you already would have. 

Instead you’re kidding yourself, telling yourself you’re going to do x or y or even z to get what you want; yet time’s gone by and it’s not happened so far.   

Continuing alone will lead to burn out or you’ll quit, or both.  Ask me how I know! 

You’ve heard people rave about the growth and results they achieve when they have support.  Honestly, what I know to be true for me and countless others, is that when you have a coach you make quicker, easier, smoother and more enjoyable progress toward your goals and ambitions than you ever do in a million years of going it alone. 

Coaching with me is a delicious mix of life, mindset and business coaching

My magical ability to cut through the noise and figure out what’s really going on means we focus in on what is getting between where you are and where you want to be. 

Together we clear the way for you to make progress and change your life one decision at a time; trying to do it all at once is overwhelming, you already know that! 

I see the best in you and believe in you, no matter what. 

I’m your boldest cheerleader and supporter, and have your back. 

I know you’re probably like a lot of people, and you’ve heard them say it’s expensive to work with a coach and it takes a lot of time. 

And it’s time to call time on that!  I’m on a mission to make having a 1-1 coach doable for you in terms of money and time. 

The truth is that having a coach will save you both time and money

When your coach is me, you tap into my magical ability to clarify what’s really going on so you can make the next decision and take the next step to get what you want.

Enough playing small honey; you’re wise, you’re strong and you’re resilient. 

It’s time for you to stand up as the courageous creatress you truly are and change your life one decision at a time.

“Having someone believe in me and appreciate my work was encouraging and comforting. There’s something about Daphne that made me trust her completely. This gave me the freedom to express myself, and therefore make progress in the minefield of tasks at hand and obstacles at play. I felt safe in not knowing everything and having someone there to help me and guide with my homework was a true blessing. Daphne gave me the structure I didn’t know I needed and the presence that helped me soar. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude I have for this super woman.”


Director, Organic Wealth

As a Courageous Creatress:

  • You know there’s more of you than you’re being currently and that something has to change.
  • You’re ready to reinvent your life and find yourself in the process.
  • As a creatress, you’re a woman or goddess who creates, produces or constitutes something.
  • As a courageous creatress you lives your life in accordance with your own values and beliefs whilst creating or producing something.
  • A courageous creatress is also a profitable creatress.  As a profitable creatress you make great money doing work you love and you love your life.

How does this happen?  As a Courageous Creatress you receive:

  • As many short, laser-focused calls as you choose to schedule. We’ll get you focused on what you need to be doing to get what you want.
  • With the invest in full option you receive a bonus planning call to begin your coaching journey as well as quarterly reviews.
  • With the VIP option you receive all of the above plus an additional 60 minute call every month.

BE the Courageous Creatress you’ve been hiding up till now!

Create your life one courageous decision at a time!

Need help selecting which is best for you?  Chat with me here. 

Live in New Zealand?  As always, if you live in New Zealand and prefer to invest in NZD YOU CAN HERE

“Daphne has most definitely been a worthwhile investment.”


Auckland, N.Z.

“You feel truly supported by Daphne as she coaches you and holds your vision for your fullest potential”


California, USA

“Daphne truly cares about me and my business”

Lucy Dawkins

Bristol, UK

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