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Numerology answers all your questions through its magickal mix of science and intuition.

Numerology informs you of your birth code.  Your reason for being.  Your why.  Your gifts and your contribution.


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Hey, I’m Daphne.

I consider myself an advocate for independence. Freedom is something near and dear to my heart, and in my quest for true freedom I’ve found that it all starts with allowing ourselves to feel free. Free to choose differently, and free to be and live differently from the rest of the world. Free to define our own values, beliefs and priorities that become our code for living without regrets.

I’ve lived through countless situations in which I felt as though I had no freedom, no choice, no voice. It tempered my resolve, my strength; allowed me to find my center when it felt like there was nothing else; through it all, I found me. I found the courage to live for myself and I’ve never felt more free.

Now it’s become my mission to help so many more women create freedom in their lives so they can truly find and become the powerful, independent women they always were on the inside.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“My reading with Daphne was so illuminating! She helped me identify my strengths and challenges, and how to work with my own personal energy. As a new business owner, I feel so much clearer and more empowered in my direction.”



“You feel truly supported by Daphne as she coaches and holds your vision for your fullest potential”



“Daphne was fantastic. The numerology report was concise, to the point and full of great reflection/directional pointers. I have read it several times, and every time I do so, new insights are coming out for me. Daphne was professional and caring and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend her services to my family.”



“Daphne was easy to work with and offered me a lot of great guidance.  I would definitely work with her again in the future and recommend her readings to those who are searching to make sense of things in their life.”



“Words cannot express the depth of gratitude
I have for this super woman. Daphne gave me the structure I didn’t know I needed and the presence that helped me soar”

New Zealand