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Are you an ambitious woman who’s tired of giving all your time and energy to others?

Do you feel frustrated you’re constantly running on empty and there’s never any time for you?

Are you over-filling your days being everyone’s something, feeling pressured to do things ‘right’?

On top of that, you’re constantly checking your messages and emails to make sure you keep your clients happy?

Have you taken lots of courses, listened to lots of experts, done everything they’ve suggested and still it’s not bringing you the results you want?

Would you like to feel independent, calm, joy and peace in every moment, and be building your net worth at the same time?

And crucially, would you like this to happen in the most efficient way, meaning you’re not spending all day doing what everyone else wants and instead doing what you want to do?

If so … I’ve got your back.  And I have a sure-fire PATH for you to get there.

I’ve been where you are.  I’ve taken all the courses, spent tens of thousands of dollars on stuff that didn’t deliver the results it promised.    

I spent years ‘shoulding’ on myself, telling myself I just had to do what they said and I’d get the results I wanted.  Didn’t work.  Again, and again.

Through learning the lessons in amongst the turmoil, the PATH approach was born.  It’s your sure-fire way to make effective empowered decisions.  Using this process, you choose your own PATH to get what you want independently.

When you’re overwhelmed and people-pleasing you’re making a ton of decisions that aren’t serving you.  When you use the PATH approach you turn that around and make decisions that are aligned with who you truly are. 

Let’s be honest here, you’ve probably wasted many years pleasing others and doing it their way.  NOW is your time, and you are ready for this. 

If you are brilliant at what you do and want to do more of that, then I can help you. 

If you need someone to believe in you, to have your back and to see the best in you, then I’m your gal.

A Courageous Creatress is a woman who lives her life in accordance with her own values and beliefs, and makes great money in the process.  

When I realized I was living my life to please others my inner rebel came forth and became an advocate for independence for women.    

Always the rebel, I don’t stand for living by anyone else’s standards and values but my own, and my clients choose not to either. 

If not now, when?

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“One of Daphne’s gifts is her strong ability to clarify, to cut through the noise and call people to get into action.”

Jannette Anderson

Calgary, Canada

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“Daphne has most definitely been a worthwhile investment.”

Auckland, N.Z.

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You’ve probably heard people rave about the growth and results they achieve when they have support. Honestly, what I know to be true for me and countless others, is that when you have a coach you make quicker, easier, smoother and more enjoyable progress toward your goals and ambitions than you ever do in a million years of going it alone.

Coaching with me is a delicious mix of life, mindset and business coaching.

My magical ability to cut through the noise and figure out what’s really going on means we focus in on what is getting between where you are and where you want to be.

Together we clear the way for you to make progress and change your life one decision at a time.

I see the best in you and believe in you, no matter what. I’m your boldest cheerleader and supporter, and have your back.


Pop on over to my calendar and claim your FREE chat with me!

“love the little ‘pearls of wisdom’ which I now refer to as ‘inspirational messages'”


“You’ve reinstalled my confidence”

“Daphne creates a safe, intimate place where we were able to be vulnerable”


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