Must-dos: the secret to better bottom lines

5 Steps to scale your business, make more money and have more time

Magical daily must-dos deliver certainty to you and your business.

5 Steps so you can:

  • Scale your business
  • Make more money
  • Have more time

This is for you if you’re wanting to grow your client base and fill your client roster without sacrificing you in the process.  

I’d been told so many times that committed, consistent action gets results. 

Yet, despite trying all sorts of actions.

Despite being committed to them and doing them consistently I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  I didn’t have certainty that I’d end up where I wanted to.   And I kept blundering along in the dark trying different actions.  

Until I discovered these 5 magic steps to identify those daily must-dos that would make all the difference in the world for me and my business.  

In this book I share them with you so you can scale your business, make more money and have more time. 

These magical 5 steps truly are the secret to better bottom lines.   

“Daphne gave me a different perspective on what is happening in my business and personal life.”

Louise Hancox

Head 2 Toe, Rangiora, New Zealand

“Daphne is brilliant at concisely summarizing what the issue is and helping me find possible solutions.  I now have clarity about how to move forward.  My business is reinvigorated.”

Lynne Roe

LSR Consultants, New Jersey, USA

“Different things to try is awesome and different ways of thinking. I love the easy things that can make a big difference.”


New Zealand

“One of Daphne’s gifts is her strong ability to clarify, to cut through the noise and call people to get into action.”

Jannette Anderson

Calgary, Canada

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