“Decide – Choose your own path”
Your guide to making effective, empowered decisions

Ever been worried about making the right choice?

You’ve a decision to make and you’re not sure how to go about it?

The PATH approach is a sure-fire way for you to make effective and empowered decisions.

One hour on Zoom with me to decide which choice to choose and how to proceed, only $99

Change is all around you.  Yet, change takes time and you have precious little of that to spare!

You’ve got something pressing, keeping you awake at night.  You’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed about the choice you need to make.  Each option has its merits and its negatives.    NOW is your time!

You just need help to Choose and Decide so you’re sure of your next step to take.

When you’ve a decision to make and you’re not sure what your next step is, or there’s way to many choices, let’s brainstorm together so you know which choice to say yes to.

Your time to Choose and decide is here       

You’ve probably heard people rave about the growth and results they achieve when they have support. Honestly, what I know to be true for me and countless others, is that when you have a coach you make quicker, easier, smoother and more enjoyable progress toward your goals and ambitions than you ever do in a million years of going it alone.

Coaching with me is a delicious mix of life, mindset and business coaching.

My magical ability to cut through the noise and figure out what’s really going on means we focus in on what is getting between where you are and where you want to be.

Together we clear the way for you to make progress and change your life one decision at a time.

I see the best in you and believe in you, no matter what. I’m your boldest cheerleader and supporter, and have your back.

Discover what’s stopping you

from getting what you want …

“One of Daphne’s gifts is her strong ability to clarify, to cut through the noise and call people to get into action.”

Jannette Anderson

Calgary, Canada

“Daphne gave me a different perspective on what is happening in my business and personal life.  I now feel able to take my business to where I truly believe it can be.”

Louise Hancox

Head 2 Toe, Rangiora, New Zealand

“Daphne encourages growth and collaboration by bringing like-minded professional women to the table. With a keen ear and sharp eye, she conveys constructive feedback to make positive impact on colleagues and clients.” Melissa St. Clair

South Carolina, USA

My confidence has grown a lot.  I’m more organised.  I’ve had a shift in perception.  Now more people are booking in and I’m not even marketing yet!”



“Daphne is brilliant at concisely summarizing what the issue is and helping me find possible solutions.  She helped me have clarity about how to move forward.  My business is reinvigorated”

Lynne Roe

LSR Consultants, New Jersey, USA

I’m Daphne, Inspiritress of Can-do-it-ness, empowering eminent women leaders navigate change and start over, or pivot for growth, so you live your dream life. 

As a woman of a certain age you’ve lived many years, maybe even most of your life, for other people.  Making choices based on the impact your decision will have on those around you.  

Now you’ve come to a pivot point, a corner in your life, where you’ve an opportunity to transition into who you choose to be.  Who will you be?  

All those years you spent fearing life will pass you by and you’ll die with your dream in you; it’s your turn now honey.  This moment in time is yours; your opportunity to create your new future.  What is possible for you?

In the flux of change, when you’re juggling many balls about to restyle your future, the truth is it’s so much easier when you stop trying to do it all alone.  This is your time and you are ready for your next step.

My true magic lies in my ability to clarify, to see possibilities, create ideas and inspirit you to implement.

I see the best in you and believe in you, no matter what.

Courageous and successful women business owners, leaders, coaches, service professionals, therapists and entrepreneurs round the globe, all of whom have big hearts and yearn to make a difference and make money, hire me so they can finally get their dreams up and running.  

As a young woman I quietly and effectively changed an industry, opening doors for women in a previously male-dominated field.  

For many years I’ve guided leaders to be more effective in their roles.

 A certified professional coach, facilitator and mastermind leader, with a history of birthing and growing small business, I have a deep passion to inspirit eminent leadership.

Personally, I love gardening; I’m passionate about living self-sufficiently from my garden.  I love the ocean; I live near the beach and spend time there every day.      

I live in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand from where I serve and support courageous and ambitious women business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide.  

When I came to Daphne I was struggling to find time to work on my greatest passion and love, and creating structure to support my work.  I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

My favorite part of coaching is sharing my blocks, sharing my ideas, having a sounding board and someone to hold me and help me form a solid foundation for my work.

The tangible results I’ve experienced are having someone believe in me and appreciate my work.  There’s something about Daphne that made me trust her completely.  This gave me the freedom to express myself, and therefore make progress in the minefield of tasks at hand and obstacles at play.  I felt safe in not knowing everything and having someone there to help me and guide me was a true blessing.

Daphne gave me structure I didn’t know I needed and the presence that helped me soar.  Words cannot express the depth of gratitude I have for this super woman.

Careoline-Charlotte Myers

Author, Director, Organic Wealth

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