As a certified Pythagorean and Book of Life numerologist …



I use your date of birth to uncover the truth of who you were born as,


provide insanely powerful revelations that empower you,


and give you radical permission and freedom to live the life you were born for;


along with my coaching, you receive a truly magical and powerful mix of insights and support to achieve anything your heart desires.

Your parents gave you

your physical DNA.


The Universe gave you

your energetic DNA.

The more deeply you know yourself – through understanding your energetic DNA – the better you are able to navigate life and create the lifestyle you desire for you and your family.

Numerology unlocks the power of your energetic DNA through the language of numbers.





Ever wished you had an energetic map for your life journey, a cheat-sheet to make it all easier?


Have you ever wondered who you were before society conditioned you?


Do you wish there was an easy, fool-proof way to being certain of your choices and decisions – an energy blueprint for your life and business?


Want to improve your relationships with others and amplify your connection with yourself?

Numerology is the science and alchemy of transformation and growth.


Your personal energetic code opens your eyes to who you were born as and gives you radical permission to be you without the world telling you who to be.  


Originating in the ancient city of Atlantis, some 22,000 years ago, the calculations I use today are attributed to the Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, and the Book of Life.


Your code is your energetic map to live the life you were born for – no excuses! 

Your code, your energetic DNA, is your personalized owner’s manual for your life – truly, a cheat-sheet that makes life and business so much easier!

Your Numerology Reading choices:


Freedom Code Numerology Reading

Who are you coded to be? – an insanely powerful deep dive into your energetic DNA that gives you clarity about who you are and radical permission to be truly you.  


Package of 4 Numerology Readings

Four readings to go really deep into who you are here being and how you show up to further your spiritual purpose and evolution.


Relationship Dynamics

Relationships are a two-way street, we all give and receive different energies from different people.  You’ll get increased understanding and confidence in your relationships with others – be they your significant other, family or work colleagues – and with yourself.  Designed for up to 4 individuals, addons available 


Freedom Plan - have your best year yet!

We go deep into your energy for the year ahead so you have your best year yet.

You get a full year of my support including indepth readings to prepare you for each of your seasonal transitions; and access to me as and when you need.

The Freedom Plan is your snuggly-blanket allowing you to fully absorb, align with and utilize the energy in each of your personal seasonal shifts through the year and support your growth and expansion.


Your Ideal Client - is in your code!

Discover who your ideal client is and how to connect with them. This is not typical ideal client work – rather than looking at superficial demographics – it goes deep. Discover the unique energy your ideal client carries and how you can best connect with them, their deepest fears and most precious desires.  This empowers you to connect with them in a way that truly matters.  


Freedom Forecast - Your energy forecast from birthday to birthday

This is an insanely powerful secret tool – an annual update to your Freedom Code and a reading of the energy that’s available for you in the coming year so you can lean into and leverage its potential. This is for returning clients only.

All readings are delivered in a private call with Daphne.

The more you lean into your code – who you were born as and how you are meant to contribute to the world – the more you open yourself up to receiving the prosperity you desire 

Your code is your secret key!

Live in New Zealand and want to pay in NZD? Ask me about special pricing.

My reading with Daphne was so illuminating! She helped me identify my strengths and challenges, and how to work with my own personal energy. As a new business owner, I feel so much clearer and more empowered in my direction.”


“Words cannot express the depth of gratitude I have for this super woman.”


New Zealand

“Daphne was fantastic. The numerology report was concise, to the point and full of great reflection/directional pointers. I have read it several times, and every time I do so, new insights are coming out for me. Daphne was professional and caring and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend her services to my family.”



 “My business has been steadily growing since I started coaching with Daphne.  I was in overdraft most of the time; my business was next to nothing and I was afraid to take action fearing rejection.  Daphne kept me accountable for what I said I would do.  My bank account has been in the positive side consistently since Daphne helped me turn my business around without doing any advertising”

Renee Baratelli


Hey, I’m Daphne.

I’m your Purpose and Spiritual Confidence Alchemist and advocate for independence. Freedom is something near and dear to my heart, and in my quest for true freedom I’ve found that it all starts with allowing ourselves to feel free. Free to choose differently, and free to be and live differently from the rest of the world. Free to define our own values, beliefs and priorities that become our code for living without regrets.

I’ve lived through countless situations in which I felt as though I had no freedom, no choice, no voice. It tempered my resolve, my strength; allowed me to find my center when it felt like there was nothing else; through it all, I found me. I found the courage to live for myself and I’ve never felt more free.

Now it’s become my mission to help so many more women create freedom in their lives so they can truly find and become the powerful, independent women they always were on the inside.