3 ways to work together

Even free thinkers can get caught up in

someone else’s dream…

I’ll help you nip that in the bud.

Freedom looks different for everyone because freedom is the ability to choose. 

Where do you want to start?

Daphne Wells

Freedom to Lead

The solution for overextended women business leaders to turn overwhelm and self-doubt into self-mastery and fulfilling, extraordinary leadership in 111 days or less so that you:

  • rewrite the rules of business leadership to suit you so that you lead your own business and life your way.
  • have a sustainable plan that’s flexible and yet gives you a framework for the long-term.
  • own who you are, how your emotiions impact your work, and why you do what you do when you do it – with no apologies.
Daphne Wells

Leaders Squad

The easiest way imaginable to become a powerful leader and maximize productivity, wellbeing and relationships for you and your team – all at the same time with ease and flow.

  • free your mind from being controlled by your saboteurs.
  • strengthen the mental muscle that gives top performers their edge.
  • learn how to generate peace of mind instead of stress even in the midst of significant challenges.
Daphne Numerologist for Leaders

Freedom Plan

Align your energy to support your growth and expansion as you journey on your unique path so that you no longer feel lost in the woods battling against the current of a raging river.

  • be aware of the energy that’s unfolding for you so that you have confidence, certainty, and personal power to get what you want.
  • Navigate your seasonal energy shifts with ease and flow.
  • your personal numerologist, in your back pocket for a full year.

Ready to own your freedom to lead your life and business your way?

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