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It’s time to stop giving all your energy away and rebuild your confidence in yourself so you can make (and act on) powerful decisions with ease.


Do you feel like you’ve been languishing and spinning your wheels?

Are you tired of constantly giving so much of yourself and never feeling like it’s enough?
Have you been looking for fool-proof ways to build the life you see for yourself…but it never seems to work out?

enough is

Let’s find the PATH back to

living for yourself.

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on courses, listening to other experts, and feeling like I ‘should’ be doing things differently—or better because it never felt like I was doing enough—I finally started to listen to myself again. Through learning how to choose myself time and again in amongst the turmoil, my signature PATH approach was born. The PATH is your sure-fire way to make effective empowered decisions that are based on your personal values, beliefs, and priorities.

The caveat is that you need to figure out what those are in the first place which is WAY easier said than done. We’ve all been programmed since childhood to see things a certain way and we’ve been blindly telling ourselves stories that are not our own for years.

In order to hear ourselves—our own personal desires, beliefs, and values—we need to first recognize what is a falsehood that we’ve mistaken for fact. We cannot see and hear ourselves clearly because we cannot even see the self-imposed chains created by our perceptions and others’ influences.

That’s why I’m here.


Hey, I’m Daphne.

(my friends tend to call me wonder woman though)


I used to live my life to please others. There. I said it. It didn’t matter who I worked for, how much love and support I had (or didn’t have) around me, or how many businesses I’ve had (I’m going on three by the way); until I found my way back to me I was miserable on the inside.

It was easy to hide from and make excuses for until, one day, it wasn’t. I faced myself with clear eyes and saw that the reason I wasn’t happy was because I kept compromising on my beliefs.

I now know that when there is discord happening in our life or business, most of the time there is a deeper issue that needs to be resolved. Rather than just treating the symptom and giving you a brilliant strategy to move forward, I start by going within so we can discover what the most aligned action for you to take is. In doing so, we are able to start healing that which was the real cause for the problems you were struggling with in the first place. Then we devise a brilliant plan together and I’ll provide support to keep you accountable to taking action on it.

Working together is incredibly gentle. I don’t have a master plan for you beyond helping you to live your life to the fullest and without regrets.

Ever been worried about making the right choice?

In my book, Decide – Choose Your Own Path, I pull back the curtains of my signature PATH approach to making empowered decisions that serve you and your best interests without guilt or hesitation.


I stand for:



and treating others as you want to be treated.



to move forward resolutely and bravely aligned with your own values and beliefs.



to follow your own path, not other’s directions.


to choose whatever your heart desires.

Ready to make more


and feel more


Want to know 3 things you need to focus on in the next 3 months to make more money and have more freedom? 

Let’s hop on a call and I’ll help shine a light on what’s really going on so you can better understand what you need to move forward.

No pressure from my end; I’ll only suggest we work together if I am utterly convinced that you're an aligned client for me.