Want a safe space to flesh out and refine your ideas so they make you money?

What if you…


Had me, a natural idea generator, as your brain storming buddy?


Stopped second guessing yourself at every turn and resisted the temptation to burn it all down?


Actually felt confident to transform your ideas into money makers?


Felt in control of where you’re going and what you’re doing?

Here’s something not many people have realized…  

It’s OK to ask for help!

As a Purpose and Spiritual Confidence Alchemist, one of my super powers is to help you bring your ideas to life so you can make money from them.

As a soul-led, visionary woman in her midlife, it’s your time to feel safe, solid and secure to share your magickal gifts with the world.  When you make money from sharing your healing gifts with those who need you, you are able to help more people than when you’re doing it for free after you’ve spent your day working at a job.  

reclaim your power and freedom


Let’s play a game

I’ll point out 3 common beliefs women have about their ability to make money from their gifts and ideas; you tell me if you’ve been telling yourself a similar story:



It has to be perfect before I can tell anyone about it.



I’ve done it for free for so long that I can’t possibly ask people to pay me for it!



I’m not good enough to do anything other than go to work and care for my family.

These stories are so common and persistent that we often don’t even notice they haven’t come from within ourselves.

The truth is that when more women help more women the ripples expand exponentially which results in countless numbers of people being impacted.

The world needs your magickal ideas and healing gifts now more than ever; people are literally searching for you as you’re reading this.


Fierce Alchemy is a 3 month experience where I’ll help you be confident as your ideas transform into money makers.

Wondering What’s Included?


Unlimited Support

As and when you need through either email, Voxer or FB messenger.


1:1 Coaching Calls

Our sessions are fierce and magickal, focused and powerful.   You have access to unlimited calls.

Investment: $USD1,111*

Ask me about special pricing for residents of New Zealand.

Why Fierce Alchemy?


Fierce demands excellence; is out-of-the-box and dynamic.

Alchemy inspirits you with magick; connects you with Universal energy; and sees endless ideas and possibilities.


This is for you if you…


Worry that you can’t help people and make money.


Help people for free because you don’t think your skill is valuable.


Often overdeliver without charging clients and feel unappreciated.


Know deep down that you have magickal gifts that the world needs.

Hey, I’m Daphne.

I’m your Purpose and Spiritual Confidence Alchemist and advocate for independence. Freedom is something near and dear to my heart, and in my quest for true freedom I’ve found that it all starts with allowing ourselves to feel free. Free to choose differently, and free to be and live differently from the rest of the world. Free to define our own values, beliefs and priorities that become our code for living without regrets.

I’ve lived through countless situations in which I felt as though I had no freedom, no choice, no voice. It tempered my resolve, my strength; allowed me to find my center when it felt like there was nothing else; through it all, I found me. I found the courage to live for myself and I’ve never felt more free.

Now it’s become my mission to help so many more women create freedom in their lives so they can truly find and become the powerful, independent women they always were on the inside.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“Now, I feel able to make decisions that are a reflection of me and not what is considered the norm or what suits other people. I am more inspired about my future and have a definite direction for my future”


“Daphne is brilliant at concisely summarizing what the issue is and helping me find solutions.”


“One of Daphne’s gifts is her strong ability to clarify, to cut through the noise and call people to get into action.”


“Words cannot express the depth of gratitude
I have for this super woman. Daphne gave me the structure I didn’t know I needed and the presence that helped me soar”

Got questions?

Let’s get on the phone and make sure Fierce Alchemy is a good fit for you.