Gifts and bonuses or discounts?

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Gifts and bonuses or discounts … which is right for you?

Which will you choose?

It’s that time of the year when holiday specials and discounts abound.  It can be easy to feel pressured to do likewise or you’ll miss out.  I believe it’s important to look objectively at what’s best for you and your business, at what honors you and your brilliance, and at what serves you best.



Earlier this week I received an email from a very successful entrepreneur stating that a 20% discount wasn’t enough to even bother offering and recommending a significantly larger discount.  While that stance may well serve a business offering a do-it-yourself course, in truth it doesn’t serve all business owners.

Offering a discount can be a great idea if you’ve got product that you need to move; that discount needs to be calculated so you’re at least covering all your expenses.

If you’re a service-based business, essentially trading your time for money, offering a discount isn’t your best choice.

In this business model you exchange your time and expertise for your client’s money.  The value of your time, therefore, is relative to your client’s perception of the value they receive from you for the service you provide.

If you choose to discount your prices, you’re essentially de-valuing yourself, your time and your expertise; and you’re giving your clients permission to not value you.  That doesn’t serve you, your business or your clients well.

Instead, I encourage you to consider adding value in the form of gifts or bonuses to create a special offering for your clients.    There are, of course, a myriad of ways you can do that and you get to choose what feels fun and delightful for you.  Some ideas are to add an extension to sessions or contracts, add a bonus VIP session for those who invest in full, or a gift box or voucher.  Here are some examples for you that I’m offering at the moment.

2020 Holiday Special Bundle:

This includes 3 of my best-selling online courses (total value of $1,441) bundled together for only $99.  These are available until 1 December here.

Forecast and Plan your 2021:

This is on early-bird offer until 30 November (saving you up to 1,111).  The pay-in-full option includes a bonus VIP planning workshop.  More about that here.

Business Success Coaching:

I’m gifting extensions to all coaching contracts confirmed between 25 and 30 November – on an 8 month contract I’m gifting an additional month at no extra cost to my clients.  If you’re interested in that, let’s jump on a call.



I love all of my offers.  They’re super-fun for me and bring me delight.  And I know they’re hugely valuable for my clients.

The bonus workshop feels super-fun for me as I get to spend lots of time with those clients diving deep into their goals and dreams for 2021, and creating a plan that is aligned for them, their business and the energy of 2021.

I love that I can choose to gift an extension on their contracts to my clients – that feels like I’m truly giving them a present, one that’s super-special since they can only receive it from me.

There’s pure gold in my online courses and while I’ve chosen to focus on private clients this year rather than selling online courses, making this bundle available brings me joy.  I can give a huge discount on these as they’re already created and do it yourself.

What will feel fun and delightful for you?




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