Intimate, inner circles are crucial for soul-led visionary leaders

because those you choose to surround yourself with are a key indicator of your success!


Are you constantly juggling too many things in the air and worried they’ll all come crashing down around you?


Do you feel invisible because being a leader has forced you to face internal stuff like bad habits and emotional triggers alone?


Are you ready to feel safe, solid and secure to share your magick with the world and further your spiritual purpose and evolution?


Do you not have enough headspace or timespace to pull it all together and have what you want?

Women are intuitive creatresses – let’s get back to creating positive and meaningful impact together!
Your sisters in the Extraordinary Leaders Circle approach business and life with courage, creativity, kindness and a touch of magick – this is an inner circle like no other!

The women who step courageously into this magickal inner circle:


Give themselves radical permission to show up fully and without apology


Are comfortable being vulnerable and asking for support


Seek high-impact results without sacrificing themselves in the process


Want sustainable solutions aligned to their values and intentions, rather than a quick fix


Are willing to try new ideas and aren’t afraid to fail


Desire an intensely real and productive, intimate inner circle, mastermind experience


Are ready to link arms to create a path of truth and knowing whilst embodying their individuality and authenticity


Know that their intuition, intentions and energy are key to their success


Are ready to step fully into leadership and set their business up for recurring, sustainable growth


Desire more pleasure, play, ease, grace, connection, abundance and magick

This experience is NOT for you if:


You only want strategies and tactics.  Your energy and intentions are more important than what you do  


You’re unwilling to be present – physically, emotionally and mentally.  We meet twice every month and ask that you miss no more than 3 calls per round


You can’t leave your ego at the door.  All the women in this circle are brilliant creatresses, including you, and we are all equal.  In this space, we all rise together


You’re unwilling to contribute and share your knowledge, experience and resources with others in your circle


You prefer to gather knowledge rather than apply it to your life and business

The Extraordinary Leaders Circle is an exclusive, intimate 11-month experience that gives you you everything you need to go from languishing juggler to extraordinary visionary leader.  

It’s a safe space for radical honesty, overflowing kindness and strategic progress that creates unrelenting, sustainable upward momentum.

“The mastermind was an awesome way to meet and learn from business women in different professions and get to talk about what was working and not working for our businesses.  I appreciated the different ideas and solutions that were offered to help me move forward in areas that I found challenging. 

Now I am firing on all cylinders.”


“I really love the camaraderie of working together as we are all growing our businesses. There was tremendous synergy.  It was so nice to have so many ideas on how to solve a problem I had and choose the best ones for my business.  It helped me have clarity about how to move forward.

My business is reinvigorated.  The company is growing”


“Daphne encourages growth and collaboration by bringing like-minded professional women to the table.  With a keen ear and sharp eye, she conveys constructive feedback to make positive impact on colleagues and clients.”


“Daphne creates a safe, intimate place where we’re able to be vulnerable.”


 Hey, I’m Daphne.

I’m an advocate for independence. Freedom is something near and dear to my heart, and in my quest for true freedom I’ve found that it all starts with allowing ourselves to feel free. Free to choose differently, and free to be and live differently from the rest of the world. Free to define our own values, beliefs and priorities that become our code for living without regrets.

I’ve lived through countless situations in which I felt as though I had no freedom, no choice, no voice. It tempered my resolve, my strength; allowed me to find my center when it felt like there was nothing else; through it all, I found me. I found the courage to live for myself and I’ve never felt more free.

Now it’s become my mission to help so many more women create freedom in their lives so they can truly find and become the powerful, independent women they always were on the inside.

Choose a time to chat with me to check that joining the Extraordinary Leaders Circle is a fabulous choice for you.  


What’s Included:


Science and Alchemy

Where tangible meets intangible, logic meets magick, practical meets intuition, strategy meets energy and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.


Peer advisory meetings

Twice-monthly, facilitated by Daphne, where we discuss challenges, solutions and strategy – effectively you become each other’s board of directors.


Mental Fitness

Improving your mental fitness dramatically increases your productivity and your sense of peace and ease.  Through strengthening your self-command muscle you learn to run your brain, rather than allowing your saboteur-hijacked brain to run you.  


Numerological Magick

Numerology forecasts the energy unfolding for you to lean into and leverage to achieve exactly what you want with less effort.


Spotlight, Love Seats

Love seats are where you and your peers have opportunity to dive deep into current business challenges and needs.  Regardless of who’s in the spotlight, you’ll receive value.


Private Coaching

Private coaching with Daphne every month.


Accountability and Support

The group holds each other accountable and helps one another solve issues in their life and business.


Access To Me

For ‘just in time’ support and accountability as often as you choose.

Ready to link arms with us?

The Extraordinary Leaders Circle is your opportunity to be seen, heard and supported – possibly more than you ever have in your life – by a group of courageous and brilliant, daring and resilient, like-hearted women

Investment: $5,555 USD*

(or 11 payments of $555)


*Residents of New Zealand can pay in NZD.

*Full Pay option includes 3 additional private coaching sessions