Want your brain to be your best friend?


What if you…


Were better able to respond to life’s challenges positively rather than negatively?


Had practical ways to reduce the conflict and stress in your life?


Knew how to maximize your performance and your wellbeing without having to work harder or longer?


Could finally quiet the sh*tty committee in your head and instead focus on embodying your intentions?

I’m going to tell you something not many people have realized…

Only 20% of people ever reach their peak performance!

Imagine the difference it would make if you were one of them!

Most attempts at positive change fail because we stop at insight and don’t build habits. 

Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires laying down neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice.


Then you are Free to Lead

Proactively improving your positive intelligence positively  impacts:

Your performance, results and success;

Your overall health and wellbeing;

Your relationships;

Your sense of peace, joy and happiness;

Your capacity to handle change; and

Your emotional intelligence.


Are you ready to be and feel

free to lead?

Free to Lead is a powerful 8-week container that helps you build powerful habits for a positive mind and sets your mind free from being controlled by your saboteurs

Wondering What’s Included?


Guided Daily Practice

15 minutes/day of app-guided practice enables you to establish mental muscles (neural pathways). These exercises are bite-sized to fit your busy schedule and customized based on which saboteurs are strongest in you.


Weekly Focus

Weekly lessons deliver deep experiential exploration of the week’s focus.  You’ll feel inspired and energized to practice during the week in order to sustain the benefits experienced during the lessons.


Measurable Progress

You’ll feel motivated through instant feedback on exactly how much progress you’re making towards building the 3 core muscles of mental fitness.  Brain rewiring may be visible in MRI imaging within 8 weeks.


Support and Accountability

Research shows this to be a critical success factor for establishing lasting new positive habits in your mind.

Investment: $USD1,111*

Ask me about special pricing for residents of New Zealand.


The more mentally fit you are, the better able you are to create lasting positive change in your life.

Imagine being able to remain calm, clear headed, stress-free and positive even in the midst of handling work and life’s greatest challenges.

Free to Lead helps you…


Focus on habit formation that gets sustained results.  We focus on building neural pathways that form lasting new habits.


Develop all 3 Core Muscles.  Mental fitness involves 3 core muscles – saboteur interceptor, self-command and sage.


Treat root cause, not symptoms.  Together, we rewire the brain at the root cause level.


Learn one simple operating system with many applications.  The core operating system of your mind can run a massive variety of work and life applications.

Hey, I’m Daphne.

I’m your Purpose and Spiritual Confidence Alchemist, and advocate for independence. Freedom is something near and dear to my heart, and in my quest for true freedom I’ve found that it all starts with allowing ourselves to feel free. Free to choose differently, and free to be and live differently from the rest of the world. Free to define our own values, beliefs and priorities that become our code for living without regrets.

I’ve lived through countless situations in which I felt as though I had no freedom, no choice, no voice. It tempered my resolve, my strength; allowed me to find my center when it felt like there was nothing else; through it all, I found me. I found the courage to live for myself and I’ve never felt more free.

Now it’s become my mission to help so many more women create freedom in their lives so they can truly find and become the powerful, independent women they always were on the inside.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“You feel truly supported by Daphne as she coaches and holds your vision for your fullest potential”


“Words cannot express the depth of gratitude
I have for this super woman. Daphne gave me the structure I didn’t know I needed and the presence that helped me soar”


“With Daphne’s help and support I had the confidence to recognize and face the issues that arose and set some specific actions to help me move forwards. She helped me wade through what was an overwhelming time and bring clarity to what was important for me. Coaching with Daphne has most definitely been a worthwhile investment”

 “I can’t imagine not having done this with Daphne, the benefits are so profound. I’m more focused throughout the day, and I make decisions with greater purpose and clarity. Both myself and my loved ones are experiencing better results than prior to using the PQ app and having Daphne’s support to increase my mental fitness and positive intelligence.  I find myself doing my reps in small snippets of time in readiness for what’s next in my day.”


Ready to lead you?