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Software tech doesn't have to be hard ...
and with GoldStar Pro it isn’t!
With GoldStar Pro you get:
🥰 1 Program
🥰 1 Login
🥰 1 Monthly Payment!
🥰 Everything You Need… All in One Place!
I love using a one-stop-shop for the back-end of my business.
It beats piece-mealing and boot-strapping systems together trying to get them to talk and play nicely with one another.
There’s only one system for you to learn, rather than a collection.
Additionally, there’s no clunkiness or glitches when the bits and bobs don’t connect smoothly.
I love GoldStar Pro for its smoothness, and that the founder is a woman and a genuinely nice one at that!
It’s only $97 a month for unlimited everything
💃 Email marketing campaign builder
💃 Landing Pages
💃 Opt-In Pages
💃 Sales Funnels
💃 Websites
💃 Form Builder
💃 Automation and workflow builders
💃 Appointment and scheduling tool
💃 Social Media scheduling
💃 Sales Pipeline builder
💃 Customer Relationship Manager
💃 Reputation Management Tool
💃 Membership and Course software
💃 Website Chat Widget
💃 Messaging and Communication Center
💃 Survey builder
💃 Calendars
💃 Affiliates
💃 Training academy with step-by-step training to get set up
💃 You can trial it free for 14 days
💃 During your free trial you are offered a 1:1 call with the founder to answer your questions
💃 They’re developing and adding new features all the time – that you get for no additional cost.
In this video I’m talking with Goldstar Pro’s founder Karen whose background is in training and development and coaching.
I love that her driving mission is to help more people because it’s so similar to mine.
I believe that the more people we help, the more people we help and the ripples we create go on and on forever.
This software has been built for those of us who believe this too.
Get your free trial here.
Want to look and feel your best?

How you look affects how you feel.  Looking great starts with the basics which include great skin and hair care products.  

These are literally the best I’ve ever used and, I believe, are partly why I frequently am told I look far younger than my 65 years.  

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Want to learn from the best?

My marvellous mentor Leonie Dawson has reopened a new and revamped version of her Brilliant Biz and Life Academy – for only $99 per year.  It’s a steal!  

In the Academy you get access to all of her fabulous courses – it’s ridiculous value!  

If you’ve not met Leonie before I’ve no doubt you’ll love her relaxed and direct way of teaching.  

She’s a super-successful, witty and super-smart business woman with a kind and sharing heart. 

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