What’s stopping your success?

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Have you ever wondered what stops you being successful?

These are the main barriers that stop you succeeding at anything, regardless of whether it’s in your business or your life.

Let’s look at them one at a time so you can remove the barriers that are limiting your success:


Your limited beliefs in yourself and your ability.


Essentially, you’ve given the ‘not enough’ syndrome control over your self-belief.  For most of us this happens without us being aware.  We’re conditioned by society and those we love to think of ourselves as ‘less-than’, as not good enough, not pretty enough, not clever enough, not thin enough, not insert any word you choose enough.

Any of the ‘not enoughs’ you choose to believe or accept as true only exist because you, or someone else, has compared you to others.  When you choose to no longer compare yourself with others, you stop allowing the ‘not enough’ syndrome to have power over you.


“Believing you are enough is what gives you the courage to be authentic, vulnerable and imperfect”

Brene Brown


Your fear of being visible keeps you hidden.


Visibility is part of business.  No one can buy a secret.  To be successful you’ve got to get past your fear of being visible.  You can’t help anyone who doesn’t know you exist and can help them.  When your purpose for being in business, when why you help people is more important than you playing small and staying hidden, being visible becomes a no-brainer.



How are you getting new eyes on you and your business every day?

Shining the spotlight on what you do for your clients makes being visible about them rather than you.


“The power of visibility can never be underestimated”

Margaret Cho


Your money blocks are running the show.


You don’t create abundance, you create limitations.

When you believe you don’t deserve to be wealthy, you stop abundance flowing to you which also means you stop more clients coming.  When you believe you’ve got to work really hard to make money, that then becomes the truth you live.



When you remove those limitations, you open yourself up to receive abundance.

Your thoughts become your beliefs.  Your beliefs become your feelings.  These determine your actions and your results.


“Change your thoughts, change your life”

Wayne Dyer


You self-sabotage to appease your fear of success.


Self-sabotage can be so ingrained in us that we’re not aware we’re doing it.  That’s where having an outside perspective is super-valuable.  Once you are aware, you have the power to change your story and stop self-sabotaging.

What stories stop you succeeding more than you thought possible?

When you’re aware of what’s really stopping you, then you can change your thoughts about that and rewrite the story so that you create the success you really want.


“The thing you have to be on guard against, most than anything, is self-sabotage.  You have to make sure you’re not your own worst enemy”

Paul F Tompkins


Not having enough or the right kind of support.


When you’re emotionally involved in your own situation, as you always are, it’s virtually impossible to view it objectively.  That’s why you need an outside perspective; someone who can view you and your situation objectively and determine what’s really going on and how best to change things to get the results you want.


“People need to understand that it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help”

Kate Middleton


Your capacity to ask for and receive support is a key indicator your success or otherwise. 


Leaving your personal secret success code locked inside of you.


You were born with your own unique personal code.  Locked in it is your personal secret success code.  Understanding your personal code empowers you to feel fulfilled professionally and personally; navigate challenges and pitfalls with ease; accelerate your success and results as well as those of your clients.

When I work with clients, I help them unlock their code so they super-charge their success and results.  If that’s something you’d love, let me know and I’ll happily unlock yours and deliver your freedom blueprint.


“Knowing thyself is the beginning of wisdom”



Which of these barriers is the biggest for you?


Investing in YOU through coaching has been proven in research to be the fastest, easiest way to success and the best investment you will ever make.  


If you’re looking for someone to help you get past your barriers to success and make faster progress on your business journey, drop me a message or book a free call here.  I’m here to help you step to the next level of success and grow a profitable sustainable business you love.



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