Are you sabotaging yourself?

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What do you do when you realize you’ve been sabotaging your own success?


When you’ve been stopping yourself from having what you say you want?

As heart-led coaches, healers and leaders it’s easy to blame yourself and feel guilty, and even perhaps some shame, when you don’t achieve the outcomes you’d planned to.

While we’ve been told about self-sabotage it’s important to recognize that there are saboteurs that live inside your head – a chorus of voices and personalities trying to protect you and keep you safe in your comfort zone, even though we know that’s not where we grow and evolve.

Rather than throw guilt, blame and shame on ourselves I believe it’s helpful to have some practical things to do to move the needle.

With that in mind, here are some things you can do to stop feeling as though you’re your own worst enemy.



Do what’s right, even if it’s not what’s easy

While it’s totally tempting to give in and go with the easier option, long term this is not the wisest plan.  Doing what’s right means doing what’s best for everyone in any situation.  It’s about leaving the world, the piece you have influence over, better than when you arrived.  It’s about maximizing the best available outcome for all.  It’s about kindness and treating others as you’d love to be treated.


Move on. Deal with stuff that happens so you can begin each day with a clean slate

We all do dumb things; it serves you to not hold grudges.  Have the hard conversations.

Forgive yourself and others.   Forgiveness doesn’t mean you forget what happened, it simply means you’re letting go of the hope that the past could have been different; you can’t change the past you can only ever change how you perceive it and how you behaving in the moment and in the future.


Have a plan and work your planStrategize your way to success

Know where you’re headed.  Have clear goals and outcomes.

Have a clear vision for your future before you formulate your strategy and goals to get you there.

Then break your goals down into mini-goals, steps and actions so you keep moving forward one step at a time.  Checking them off provides evidence you’re making progress.


Do what matters and forget the rest

Know what’s important. Identify your priorities.  What are the 3 vital things you need to do today to move your business forward?  Do those before anything else.

Create before you consume.

Declutter your task list by making effective decisions about what’s important for you and your business.


Structure creates freedom; your schedule structures each day

Schedule your day, your work and your month.  What you schedule gets done.  Know your natural rhythms and align with them.    Block your time to be more productive.  It’s your life and your business; you have the power to choose and decide what days and times you’ll work, when you see clients, when you answer emails, when you exercise, when you sleep and when you play.


Check your mindset and your energy prior to everything

Mindset matters.  You choose your mindset in every moment.

Your attitude, your beliefs and your thoughts all determine your results.

You get to choose who you are, in each and every moment.  If you feel positive proceed; if not, stop to adjust.

Do the inner work; incorporate mindset practices into your day, every day.


Have boundaries that serve you

No is a complete sentence.

Make boundaries your friend.  Boundaries help you decide; they provide a shortcut to realizing your goals as they predetermine what you will allow and what you won’t tolerate.  Boundaries create a safe place for you to create your dream life and business.

Your boundaries create the energetic container for your life.  Boundaries are an indicator that you are committed to you and taking your life and business seriously.


Know what you want and why you want it

While goals are definitely essential for your success, knowing why you want them is vital.

Your mission and purpose will keep you going when the going gets tough; they are why you do what you do, why you set the goals you set and do what you do.

Magick happens when your vision, your mission and purpose, your values and your goals are all aligned.


Segment intend your whole day

Intention trumps everything. Decide your intention for everything you do; for each piece of your day and for your day as a whole.

While goals come from your head, intentions come from your soul and your heart.  Your intentions are how you intend to feel after you’ve achieved your goals, accomplished your tasks, taken that action.

Your intentions incorporate who you intend to be during the process and once you’ve accomplished your goals.



Listen to and follow your intuition

Trust your own innate wisdom, your inner wisdom knows more than you realize.

Tune into your inner wisdom and trust that inspiration.   The more curious you are, the more you listen and look for your intuitive messages the more you’ll hear, see and feel them.

Start by taking notice of your gut instincts, they’re usually spot on!  Spend time each day purposely getting out of your head so you can listen to your intuition, to your soul, to your heart and to your gut.


Isolation is a dream killer

Invest in support.  You deserve it.

Coaching has been proven to be the fastest and best way to grow and develop you and your business.  Whatever you’re wanting to change or improve in your life or business will be more effective, successful and deliver greater results when you have support in the process.


Want help to personalize these for you so you can be more successful with less effort?  Book a call with me here.

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