Any of your kids ask you this?



“To be yourself

in a world that is trying to

make you something else

is the greatest accomplishment”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



 I remember it like it was yesterday …

“Why can’t you be a normal mother? Why did we end up with a crazy mother?”

Said one of my kids many years ago.

Cos normal would be boring and one day you’ll be grateful that I’m your mum.”

Said I in response.

That question kept coming at me over the years as I became more and more truly me. And, more and more letting my crazy shine through for all to see.

What about you?

Are you being who you’re meant to be?

Are you letting your crazy shine through? 

Be who you are

and say what you feel,

because those who mind don’t matter,

and those who matter don’t mind” 

Dr Seuss


When my clients work with me, they get really clear about who they are and courageously let their crazy shine through. 


Reach out if you want my help letting your crazy shine for all the world to see xx



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She lives in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand from where she works with high-achieving and courageous women leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide.  She’s President of ICF NZ Southern.

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