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Explore with deep playful curiosity


What more is possible for you as you embody trust?

July’s energy in 2023 wants you to explore curiously to discover what more is possible for you as you embody trust more deeply than ever before. 

July brings 5 energy that yearns to observe and explore.


5 energy


July invites you:

💜  to be curious and discover what more is possible, and

💜  then to trust the unseen and

💜  take action accordingly.


July wants you to lighten up a little, and to learn from your experiences.

Where can you explore more? 

What can you observe more? 

In what situations can you instil more play and curiosity? 


Help or Hindrance?

Your knowledge can be either a help or a hindrance – you get to choose which.

What you know can evoke a desire to know more or have you believing you already know it all.



July ushers in new perspectives of embodying trust

5 energy in July reminds you to listen to and trust your soul, your intuition and your wisdom.   It ushers in new perspectives of embodying trust.

How willing are you to be constantly evolving and exploring? 

And trusting in the process without having to know what to expect next?

Are you willing to pioneer, to be the explorer, welcoming in growth and evolution – to go all in?

How open are you to receiving what’s next for you as you explore and embody trust? 


Wild ride

The final two days of June and the first two of July have the potential to be a wild ride as we have four days, Thursday through Sunday, where we cycle through all four different energies of the four suits.

This is the only time this occurs each year.  During these four days, we experience heart energy for the first time and farewell spade energy for 2023.


Four aspects of embodying trust

In these four days, we experience four different aspects of the 7 energy of 2023 that asks us to embody trust.

We experience embodying trust through the lens of:

💜  our knowing and intuition,

💜  our relationships,

💜  our unseen self, and

💜  our value and worth.


Where are you at on your journey of embodying trust? 

Essentially, this speedy whirl through all four energies asks you to review where you’re at with embodying trust.


Spade to Heart

While spade energy focuses more on the unseen than the seen, heart energy that becomes increasing dominant in the second half of the year asks you to focus on your relationships, both with self and with others. 


Pivot point

The culmination of these four days, Sunday July 2nd is the pivot point of the year, the middle day of 2023.

Not only are we at the midpoint of the year, we’re also at the midpoint of the manifestation cycle of 2023.

Are you open to receiving what more is possible for you as you embody trust more and more? 


Spade energy in July

July is the exit of Spade energy until 2024. Spade energy in July asks you to embody trust in your transformation, in your spiritualized self, in the unseen.

How can you trust your transformation more deeply than you ever have before?


Diamond energy in July

Diamond energy in July asks you to bring together resources, people and opportunities for you to explore how you can embody trust more.

What experiences can you learn from and how can you connect with them? 

What opportunities are available for you to explore how to embody trust more? 

Where can you observe with new eyes? 


Club energy in July

Club energy in July brings in the energy of realignment.

As you embody trust more, what needs tweaked and adjusted? 

As you explore more, what’s aligned for you and what’s not? 

Be willing to play and experiment as you explore what fits for you and what doesn’t at this time in your journey called life.


Heart energy in July

Heart energy in July presents opportunity for you to move into the next phase of your transformation.

What leaps of faith are you willing to take? 

What new initiatives want your attention? 

How willing are you to explore new ideas and inspirations, to learn from those experiences and trust in the process? 


Embody trust and explore

As you embody trust more deeply than ever before you become open to explore with deep playful curiosity in ways you’d never, ever have thought possible previously.


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