Closing the loop


When you realize you’ve got a lot of tasks underway and none of them are getting closer to completion it can be beneficial to look into what’s really going on. 

What would it take to complete this task? 

What would it take for me to complete it so I can move on from it? 

Completing the task means you can move on from it to the next thing on your list.  It means you’ve closed the loop for now.   It doesn’t mean it’s finished forever necessarily, it just means it’s complete so that you can proceed to your next priority.

Often, we don’t complete tasks or close the circle because of a lack of clarity.  Too much of that leads us into overwhelm.  That happens as a result of you having too many things in process that take up your head-space.   

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, everything feels as though it’s a high priority. 

One contributing factor to overwhelm is a lack of clarity.

When your priorities are clear, when you know what’s truly important to you, it becomes easier to choose to focus on. 

That’s when you can schedule what you need to work on now, and when you’ll return to focus on the multitude of tasks that are on your plate right now.  You can allocate time to them according to the priority you’ve given them.

Once you schedule a time for them, aka make an appointment with yourself to work on them, you can forget about that task until its appointed time slot. 

That leads to freedom as your time doesn’t feel so full.  And it leads to focus as you’ve less things to focus on so you can give them more of your attention. 

This is how you’ll make progress toward accomplishing your goals. 

Choose and decide your priorities. 

Schedule time for them accordingly. 

Take action on today’s priority. 


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