How to be an inspiration to yourself

Ever wondered how you could be an inspiration to you?

We grow up having heroes. 

Perhaps your hero was Wonder Woman, your Dad, Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman or Michelle Obama. 

Your heroes inspired you to be more, to grow more, to do more, to stretch yourself and to try new things

Truth be told, you probably still have heroes, right?

What if you didn’t have to look for inspiration outside of you?

What if you could be your own hero?

Here’s a process for how to be an inspiration to yourself. 

Grab yourself a piece of paper so you can note your answers to these questions:   

  1. Who inspires and impresses you? List 3-5 people
  2. Who has been most influential in your life in the last year personally and professionally? Add these to your list
  3. What qualities do you most admire most about the people you’ve listed, and why?
  4. What can you learn from these people?
  5. Which of these qualities would you like to have for yourself?
  6. How you could adapt what inspirational people do, to fit you and your life?
  7. Knowing that we can’t recognize something in others, unless we have the capacity for it ourselves … what three actions could you take to bring some of those qualities into your everyday life?

Truth is, what we see in others is somewhere in us. 

We can’t always see it.

Sometimes it’ll be hidden down really deep and we’ve not recognized it yet. 

Sometimes, we’ll have covered it up cos we’ve been criticized or teased for displaying those qualities in the past.  

Sometimes, we’ll have ignored that quality as we’ve focused on and grown other traits and characteristics. 

At all times, you have the choice over which qualities, traits and characteristics you use, which you grow and which you choose to ignore and allow to lie low. 

What will you choose?

“In the long run,

we shape our lives, we shape ourselves.   

The process never ends until we die.

And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility” 

Eleanor Roosevelt

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