I lost my soul in Sedona!

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I lost my soul in Sedona!


Over the previous few weeks my emotions had been all over the place. Up. Down. In. Out.

At the same time, I felt like something was sucking the energy out of me.
Almost as though I was becoming an empty vessel.
It’d been a lot going on internally let me tell you.

Fast forward to beautiful, picturesque Sedona.

My friend and I were out hiking in Sedona.

Idyllic surroundings.
Stunningly beautiful.
Awesome scenery.

Anyways, back to my story here.

We’re hiking along chatting, enjoying nature and each other.

Weirdly, one of my boots kept sticking to the ground. As though I’d walked over some gum and it’d stuck to my boot. I rubbed it on the ground to loosen it. Nothing changed. In fact, it felt like I was becoming more stuck.

A few minutes later I stopped to investigate what was happening beneath my feet. There was no gum. There was nothing stuck to the bottom of my boot.

You can imagine my surprise when I realised the entire sole of my boot was detaching itself from my boot. A
few steps later it disjoined itself completely. I picked it up and carried on.

Walking rather weirdly with a completely different experience on each foot.

Shortly after the metal support rod detached also.

So, here I am on a hiking trail with half my boot in my hand. Each foot feeling completely different to the other.

Amazingly though, my emotions had stabilised.

I felt whole and ready for whatever life wanted to throw at me.

Whatever was to come next on my life journey.

I was an empty vessel waiting to be refilled.

Feeling excited and eagerly anticipating whatever was to come next.

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