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Peep into the mirror

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6 energy in September asks you to check in with your progress so far this year and to double-down on consciously realigning.

September is the mirror of the year energy

2022 as you may recall is the Year of Conscious Realignment 



What needs realigned now?

What needs recalibrated?

What small changes are required at this moment?


The 9 that’s present each day of September brings with it a sense of idealism.  This brings a temptation to become overly idealistic and seek perfection; particularly because it’s isolated on most days through the month.

You can avoid the temptation to expect perfection by accepting your current situation without judgment, whilst making the changes required to realign and moving forward.


Where would it serve you to release expectations you’ve placed on yourself and others?


We leap into September with a 7 energy / 10 of Diamonds’ day that supports you trusting yourself to leap in value – to go to new heights in the value you place on yourself, your work or both.

The first three days of the month invite you to hunker into the energy of conscious realignment – to realign whatever comes into your awareness and prepare for three full manifestation cycles.

We complete the month on a 9 energy / 7 of hearts day of release, completion and unconditional love.


Diamond energy in September asks you to go deep, to focus on what’s really important rather than superficial fluff.  It’s time to do the deep inner work, to call on both your inner and outer strength as you consciously realign.

Club energy brings in curiosity and creativity.  You’re being asked to check that what you create is aligned and to play in the process.

Heart energy in September wants you to trust and be brave, to take risks and learn through being in action.  This energy asks you to trust yourself and the universe as you venture into the unknown – to put on your explorer’s hat and expand what you believe is possible.


Appropriate responsibility is key

What’s your responsibility as you consciously realign?

Often we take on responsibilities that are not rightfully ours.  At other times we may refuse to take on responsibilities that are ours.

Are you willing to release responsibilities that are no longer appropriately yours?

As you consciously realign this month, be acutely aware of your boundaries around appropriate responsibilities, especially in areas of communication and knowledge.


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Daphne Wells coaches women to design a life and business that feels free by helping to release expectations that don’t resonate and fully embrace what makes them happiest. An advocate for independence and author of Decide – Choose your own path, Daphne helps women find their inner strength and take courageous action all over the world.

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