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Choose Love

April reminds you love is the foundation of leadership. It’s time for play, celebration and pleasure.

3 energy amplifies everything, moving it further to one extreme of the pendulum swing or the other.

Which will you choose – the positive, creative, celebratory, pleasurable or doubts, insecurities and indecision? 


numerology 3 energy


You get to choose your thoughts and emotions, to be aware of the choices you’re making.

How willing are you to take care of you and take aligned action, and to keep going regardless of the noise out there?


Now is not the time to give up on your dream

Rather it’s time to create whilst trusting deeply through the creative process before you can see the finished product.

Trusting deeply means you stay focused on your dream rather than being tempted to give up on it, and without letting others tell you what to do.

How willing are you to put you and your dream first?

To hyper-focus?

To be feisty and fired-up? 

To know and own your own self-worth? 

To deepen your self-love?

There is no need to do it all – one step at a time is all it takes.

Integrating both the seen and unseen implies this is not all doing.

Who are you being?

Be aware of who you are being and how you’re showing up.

Stay focused

This is time to stay focused and keep moving forward. Trust your own leadership. Now is not the time to be impulsive.

Let go of need to control

The temptation to want to control anything and everything may feel strong in April – your responsibility is to resist that temptation and lean into creativity and play instead.

On the flip side, watch where your brain wants to keep holding you hostage and stay away from those who drain your energy. And don’t ever let others tell you what to do or what not to do.

You are the leader of your life and business. You are the captain of your ship, you are in the drivers seat.

You are your own hero.



New moon in Aries

New moon in Aires on April 8 brings in a solar eclipse.

It will be a game-changer that brings potential for deep healing through which you can activate deeper confidence and personal power as you follow your purpose along your own path.


Full moon in Libra

Full moon in Libra on April 23 may see some skeletons fall out of the cupboard as your doubts and insecurities bubble up to the surface so you can heal and forgive yourself.

Observe your shadows and let them go. They no longer have power to control you when you refuse to let them.


Mars season

On April 14 we move into Mars universally.  Mars influences how you grow, expand and evolve.

It’s go time.  Time to take action on the commitments you made to yourself during Mercury – to stop planning and start doing, being in integrity to your own truth.

How willing are you to motivate yourself? 

How willing are you to do things for you? 


Spade energy in April

Spade energy April 1 thru 7 wants you to connect the seen and the unseen – to bring both to everything you do.

There will be opportunities for you to connect with people, with solutions, with resources, with spirit, with yourself – without trying to control what you’re connecting with. You can only ever control how you choose to respond, your energy and how you choose to show up in connection.

Lighten up and have some fun, you never know what’s possible when you turn up your pleasure. Celebration. Play.


Diamond energy in April

Diamond energy April 8 thru 20 asks you to realign what’s no longer aligned. To be willing to tweak, alter, and adjust as required so that your head, heart and soul agree with your values and your actions.

Remember it’s a dance – dancing is fun and pleasurable, so when you bring this energy to realignment it expands what’s possible for you rather than being an attempt to manipulate the universe in yoru favor.


Club energy in April

Club energy April 21 thru 30 brings new ideas and inspiration to your creativity and play.

Now that you’ve connected and realigned you’ve created space for fresh perspectives and new creations to birth from that as led by your soul and intuition.

It’s time to put you and your dream first – to crank it up and get going.

Remember NO is a complete sentence.

Watch how you talk to yourself, lean into the unseen, and bring your inner magick to the party.

Be present in every moment and consciously choose your own thoughts and emotions.


Want to turn your overwhelm and self-doubt into self-mastery and fulfiling, extraordinary leadership so that you so that you experience the growth and success you want in much less time and with much less effort than you’re currently exerting, even if you don’t believe it’s possible without working yourself to the bone?  Message me to find out how.

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