Confusion is a bunch of unmade decisions

“A confused mind never says yes”


Have you ever felt confused about something? 

I know I have, many times.

Not been able to choose what to do? 

This or that?

Red or blue?

Work or play?

Soup or salad?

Go or stay?

Magically, when you decide is when the confusion vanishes. 

Like the sun shining through the fog.  The light at the end of the tunnel. 

Truth be told, you only ever need to know what your next step is to make progress.  When you’ve determined your goal, each step takes you closer to accomplishing your desired outcome. 

One step at a time is all you need! 

The clearer you are about your goal, your vision, your values, your mission and your intentions, the easier making decisions becomes.   

Once you choose and decide your confusion lifts.  

Ain’t it magical!  It’s like the universe knows you’d be super-overwhelmed if you knew absolutely every step you had to take right from the start. 

Practically, choosing to focus on each step as it appears gets you where you want to be.

Do you have a choice you need to make and you’re confused about what to choose? 

Are you putting off making a decision?

Let’s pop on a call so you receive the clarity you need to make your choice easier.  So you have what you need to make that decision.  




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As a certified professional coach, mastermind leader and facilitator, with a history of birthing and growing small businesses, Daphne has a deep passion to inspirit eminent leadership.

She lives in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand from where she works with high-achieving and courageous women leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide.  She’s President of ICF NZ Southern.

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