What a difference a day makes!

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Each day carries with it an energy, a frequency, a vibration that affects how we experience that day.

When you’re aware of the universal day energy present each day you’re able to access that energy to empower you and your actions, and to utilize it to pull you forward to reach your desired outcomes.

Without awareness you are at the whim of the energy and risk feeling pushed around by forces outside of your control.

As with everything in life there’s a light side and a shadow side, an empowered side and a disempowered side.  You get to choose how you show up and which polarity of the energy you’ll be in at each and every moment.


Here’s how you figure it out …

To calculate the universal day energy you add all the digits in a given date together until you arrive at a single-figure digit.  For example, today is March 19th 2021 – so we’ll add 3 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 together to total 18 – next we add 1 + 8 to arrive at 9.  Therefore March 19th 2021 is a 9 energy day.

Over 9 days I’ve created a series of videos explaining the energy of each day.  I gathered these together here so they’re all in one place for you to access the information they contain.


Universal Day 1


Universal Day 2



Universal Day 3



Universal Day 4



Universal Day 5



Universal Day 6



Universal Day 7



Universal Day 8



Universal Day 9



Where this fits in the great scheme of energy

You have a personal day energy that’s determined by the day you were born.

Your personal day energy flavors how you experience the universal day energy.

Your personal day energy and core personal code are among the energetic components included in your Freedom Code report and consultation  which is available here.


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