What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?

I used to spin in overwhelm, churning it all round and round and round in my mind. I never realised how to stop from spinning. I didn’t know how to get out of overwhelm. I couldn’t figure out how to overcome my overwhelm.

Do you ever feel that way too?

As a woman who at times feels overwhelm in your business or life, it’s essential for you to discover how to change that feeling once and for all.

The truth is when you’re overwhelmed everything feels super important.

Choosing where to start seems impossible and typically you sink deeper into overwhelm. I lived that experience, for longer than I care to remember. What about you?

Overwhelm is like quicksand. You dip your foot in and before you know it you’re up to your neck in overwhelm.

Overwhelm is like busy-ness.
How many conversations do you have that go like this? “How’s your day going?” and the response most commonly given is “busy”.
Sometimes it seems as though the answer “busy” is expected to many questions we are asked about our life, our business, our whatever.

Busy-ness seems to validate and justify.

Busy-ness is almost a badge of honour in our society. Overwhelm goes hand-in-hand with that.
Feeling overwhelmed has become as normal as being busy.

Overwhelm causes a strong influence on you that, without you realizing, often renders you helpless or ineffective. Overwhelm feels unbearable and yet it conquers you.

Overwhelm is confusing and can be defeating.
Overwhelm can submerge you, bury you, snow you under and or bowl you over.
Overwhelm can be all-consuming, it can take over your life.

So how do you get out of overwhelm? When remaining in overwhelm is not your chosen option.
How do you overcome overwhelm?

When you feel overwhelmed you’re stuck.

Your first step to overcoming overwhelm is getting unstuck.

When you use the Unstuck to Unstoppable system you will get unstuck so you can make progress to your goals consistently and playfully.

With the Unstuck to Unstoppable system you’ll overcome your overwhelm.

You’ll know how to stay unstuck so you can be unstoppable.
You’ll understand how to stay out of overwhelm.

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