What’s your go-to way of sabotaging you?

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How do you sabotage your success?

We all do it.  You’re not alone.


As humans we have a tendency to sabotage our success.


We do it in a myriad of different ways.

Knowing how you sabotage yourself is the first step to change.

We each have our favorite, go-to, default ways of sabotage.  Yours will most likely be in this list of 11 ways you’ll sabotage yourself:



Give your power away to others.


You let others decide for you.  You let them tell you what to do and how to do it.

The way to remedy this is to take back your power to decide.


Follow bright, shiny objects.


You buy all the courses, attend all the free webinars and try all the same tactics as you see others do.

The solution here is to only do what’s aligned with your core inner code and your values.


Blame others for things you’re not happy with.


You decide it’s their fault that you don’t live the lifestyle you desire, it’s because of them that you don’t earn the money you want to, that you don’t achieve your goals.

Here the remedy is to take responsibility for your situation, for the part you played in getting to where you are and to take responsibility for changing it to be more of what you want.


Your limited beliefs.


You believe you can’t.  You believe you won’t succeed.  Your beliefs create your results.  Your results begin with your beliefs.  If you believe you can’t then you never will.

My Grandma always said

“there’s no such word as can’t.” 


She then explained that what I was really saying when I said ‘I can’t’ was that I didn’t want to try, I didn’t know how to or I was just refusing to comply with her request.


You compare yourself with others.


When you do that you in essence believe they are better than you, that you can never achieve what they have or that you have to be like them to succeed.  You think you’re not enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough, not good enough, not add any word you choose enough.

You believe you’re less than everyone else and that stops you stepping into your potential.

The remedy here is to change your self-belief.

You are the only you in the world.

You are here for a purpose.  It’s your responsibility in life to fulfil that purpose.

You are the only you who can fulfil your particular purpose in your way for the people you’re here to help and to make the contribution to the world that only you can make.


You refuse to be visible or you limit your visibility.


No one can buy from you if they don’t know about you.  No one can ask for your help if you refuse to tell them how you can help them.  No one can pay for your help unless they know you exist and that you can solve their problem.

When your purpose becomes more important than your fear of being seen you’ll overcome this sabotage pretty quickly.


Your money blocks.


You may have grown up with a scarcity mindset, in a home where there was never enough money for extras so you end up pushing money away.  When you believe you don’t deserve to be wealthy you effectively stop money flowing to you.

You can choose to let your money blocks continue to rule your life or you can change your beliefs around money, prosperity and your deservability.


Fear of success.


You stop yourself succeeding as a way of appeasing your fear of what success will mean for you.

When you believe that success will change who you are and your relationships with those you love, you stop yourself succeeding so you can maintain your current relationships.

Often we misconstrue this and claim we have a fear of failure when in reality not succeeding is what we’re choosing.

To overcome this sabotage focus on how many people you’ll be helping when you succeed and how many people you’re hurting by not helping them.


You’re stuck in your comfort zone.


You refuse to do anything different.  You refuse to be different.  You choose not to step into the unknown and try new things.

In this world, you’re either growing or you’re dying.  It’s true for people, animals and plants.  No plant can grow by staying as a seed or seedling.  It needs to grow in size and stature.  No plant can keep growing when it’s constrained in a small pot – either the pot will break as the plant’s root system expands or the plant will die.


Your business will only grow as much as you do!


Effectively that’s the choice you need to make too.  You can continue to stay in your comfort zone sabotaging your success and growth or you can get out of it – push the edges, help more people and succeed.


Lack of support.


You either don’t have support or you don’t have enough support of the right kind.

When you’re emotionally involved in your own situation, as you always are, it’s virtually impossible to view it objectively.  That’s why you need an outside perspective; someone who can view you and your situation objectively and determine what’s really going on and how best to change things to get the results you want.

Research has shown that investing in coaching is the best investment you’ll ever make and achieves better results faster.


You don’t know who you are.


When you don’t know your inner code, who you are, why you’re here, who you’re here to help and how you serve them you try to copy others and do life their way.

You follow what’s worked for them without any clue as to whether that will work for you.   Spoiler alert: unless your code is the same as theirs – it won’t!

Working with a numerologist, like me, to determine your inner code illuminates and gives you radical permission to be who you were born as rather than who the world told you to be, to serve the people you’re here to serve in the way you were born to serve them.


The stories we tell ourselves create our life.


When you choose to change your story everything else changes too.

At any point in time you can change any of these behaviors or you can continue to tell yourself the same stories and keep sabotaging your success.  You can work with a coach or numerologist, like myself, to identify how you sabotage your success and how best for you to stop that and achieve the success you crave.

It’s all up to you.


Your capacity to ask for and receive support is a key indicator of your success or otherwise. 


When I work with my clients, I help them unlock their inner code so they super-charge their success and results.

If you’d like my help on your journey to sustainable success and profitability in your business choose a time to talk here.

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