When will you finally let the ‘real you’ out?

I know. That question.

It’s one I asked myself for years. And years. And years.

For many years, all my life till quite recently really, I wasn’t being ‘me’.

Truth is, I didn’t even know who me was for all of that time.

I just knew that I wasn’t happy being who I was being.

Wasn’t content. Wasn’t joyful. Wasn’t being truthful to myself. Wasn’t respecting myself.

I did know, however, that I wasn’t being the real me.

I was being who I thought everyone expected me to be. Being who they wanted me to be.

Behaving how I thought I was meant to.

Keeping others happy.

Doing what was expected of me.

Keeping quiet when every part of me wanted to shout out and say what I felt needed to be said.

And all the while I was receiving the message that I wasn’t good enough. That I couldn’t be who I wanted to be. That I didn’t deserve any more. That I wasn’t valuable. That I wasn’t valued. That I wasn’t anyone special. I was just like everyone else.

But I wasn’t. I was me. I’m unique. There’s only one of me. For ever. I’m the only one of me.
I have a gift to share with the world that no one else can give.

I have a role to play in our world and society that no one else can fulfil.

What’s more, if I don’t follow my passion and live my life on purpose then it’s not only me that misses out, but all the people who I’m here to serve and help.

So I’m on a mission.

I’m ruthlessly committed to doing what matters. To me. To the people I’m here to serve and support.
Nothing will stop me.

I’m committed to helping women recognise and appreciate their magnificence whilst they grow their fabulously successful business.

I’m totally committed.

How bout you?

Are you being the ‘real you’?

What are you committed to?

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