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4 weird and wonderful things most people don’t know about leadership


Leadership starts and ends with you.

You are a leader regardless of your position or job description.

You’re either being led or you’re the leader.

How you lead you impacts and determines how you lead others.


Information is not transformation

And bandaids don’t heal root causes.  No courses, seminars, books or how-tos will give you what you need to be the powerful influential leader you’re alive to be.

They merely show you how to be a leader who dictates rather than one who leads and inspires themselves and others.


You don’t need more rules to follow

Instead you need to get out of the box you’ve been squishing into so that you rewrite the rules of business leadership to suit you and are finally free to lead your life and business your way.


Your mental, emotional, and spiritual health, fitness, and wellbeing are your responsibility

They are just as, if not more, important than your physical fitness.

Your energy is crucial to you leading effectively and sustainably without sacrificing your soul and depleting your own health and wellbeing.


Which one is a surprise to you?


Which one do you find trickiest?




Want to turn your overwhelm and self-doubt into self-mastery and fulfiling, extraordinary leadership so that you so that you experience the growth and success you want in much less time and with much less effort than you’re currently exerting, even if you don’t believe it’s possible without working yourself to the bone?  Message me to find out how.

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Daphne Wells coaches women to design a life and business that feels free by helping to release expectations that don’t resonate and fully embrace what makes them happiest. An advocate for independence and author of Decide – Choose your own path, Daphne helps women find their inner strength and take courageous action all over the world.

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