Bob Proctor says “accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result”

Of course, he’s right. After all he’s Bob Proctor.

Aside from his authority and credibility, let’s look at why he’s right about this, rather than just accepting it because he said it. To do that we need to explore what he means by this statement.

First up, what is accountability? What do we mean when we use that word? Its bandied around as though everyone understands it. Let’s look at what it actually means, at what accountability really is.

When I’m being accountable I do what I say I’ll do.

The act of being accountable means that I’m being responsible for actions I’ve committed to, to another party who lovingly holds me accountable to complete the actions I’ve chosen.

Accountability usually involves another person. Truth is it’s more effective when it does.

(A while ago I wrote a blog about accountability which you can find here.)

Bob Proctor asserts accountability is the glue. Glue is a substance that sticks one thing to another.

Glue adheres two things together. Glue holds them fast.

Glue ties them together says Bob. Imagine a shoe lace – it ensures your shoe remains on your foot, keeping it comfortable to stand or walk in for as long as you choose.

What does accountability tie together? Your commitment and your results.

What that means is that with accountability your commitment to your results will be stronger, your commitment to taking the actions required to achieve your results will be more stronger and therefore the actions more likely to occur.

Accountability is what keeps you committed to your results.

Action is what moves you from commitment to seeing your results come to fruition.

Accountability is what will keep you in action.

The bottom line is that with accountability the probability of you achieving your desired results is higher.

With accountability you’ll be more committed to your results.

Accountability will break through your resistance so you can achieve your dream results.

When you are being held accountable you’ll be more committed to taking the required actions to achieve your results.

Are you ready find out how to glue your commitment to your results?

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