“Everyone needs a coach” – Bill Gates

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"Everyone needs a coach" - Bill Gates

5 reasons why ...

Bill Gates says everyone needs a coach.
I absolutely, totally agree with him.

I know well the effects not having a coach has on me and my business.

Several years back … I remember one day realizing my life and my business were not progressing as well as they had been, I wasn’t achieving my goals as readily, nothing was working as smoothly as it had; and I got curious about why that was so.

On reflection I discovered the difference was that I didn’t have a coach! My contract with my previous coach had completed and for some unknown reason I’d not renewed it nor had I sought out another coach.

Everything had changed from that moment in time. Huge realization for me, which certainly motivated me to engage another coach pronto.

I made a commitment to myself, to my life, to my business and to my growth.
Since then I’ve always had a coach, at times more than one.

Yet still constantly I speak to business owners and leaders who don’t have a coach and don’t appreciate the benefits of having one.

Here I’m sharing just 5 of the many reasons why we all need a coach always:

1. High performing individuals including executives, leaders and business owners all have coaches. It’s a fact. They’re high performers because they have a coach serving and supporting them in their chosen profession; because they deal with issues as they arise rather than allowing them to become encumbrances to their success.

2. Great athletes and sports people always have coaches. Sports teams always have coaches. If having a coach is an essential in sport, why would we not regard having a coach as essential to life and business?

3. If you could have done it all alone, you already would have. The truth is everyone performs better and achieves superior results when they have a coach. I found this truth out the hard way as I shared earlier. We all do better when we couple extrinsic motivation with our own intrinsic motivation; both are better than one!

4. Coaching is not a one and done thing. You don’t hire a coach to fix you or to make everything better. You hire a coach to support and challenge you as you grow, as you live, as you journey through your life. Truth is we all change, our lives change, our situations change, everything changes around us and so we need a coach to have our back, so we’re not stubbornly trying to do it all alone.

5. Service professionals need coaches always so that they are better able to provide their particular service to those they serve and support. Coaches need coaches always; if coaches are not investing in coaching for themselves and their businesses then why would anyone hire them?

Everyone always needs a coach according to Bill Gates and Daphne Wells.

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