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Wondering how you can use universal day energy to enhance your creativity and manifestation?


Feeling safe, solid and secure opens you to receive with ease and flow.

Leaning into each day’s universal energy increases your ability to create and manifest exactly what you want.

That statement may have you wondering how you can feel safe and secure when your wheels are spinning out of control.

As a soul-led leader it can feel like you’re chasing rainbows – trailing up and down dale seeking that pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow.  Keeping going with no certainty you’ll ever find the elusive gold!


Probably, like me, you’ve heard countless times you’ll be successful when you get aligned.

Like me, perhaps you’ve wondered how to do that.

I wanted to know how to so I went on a search and discovered how to.  Let me share one aspect of that with you …


Every day has a universal energy.

You can calculate it by adding all the digits in the date:

M + M + D + D + Y + Y + Y + Y

Then you keep adding the digits together until you end up with a number between 1 and 9.

If you want to learn about each particularly energy you can get my free pdf here.



Universal Day energy is all around us every day. 

How we experience that is our choice.

Being aware of the energy and the rhythm empowers us to consciously choose our experience.


When the universal day numbers progress through a cycle of 9 it becomes a full manifestation cycle. 

When months and years change there will be part manifestation cycles that can feel unsettling and disrupting as the cycle will be interrupted or begin part way through.

Our awareness of the universal energy helps us navigate this.



To use this information in your business and life you need to calculate the day energy for the next few days, weeks or whatever length of time you choose.

As you do so, write the energy for each day onto your calendar or planner so you can visually see as it progresses and becomes manifestation cycles.


You can get into the swing of creating and manifesting using universal day energy by consciously choosing one activity each day that aligns with the universal day energy.

Here’s two examples to get you started:

On a one energy day set the intention for new ideas and inspiration to appear.  Take a cup of tea, journal and pen to your favorite spot.  Ask yourself, “what new ideas do I have today?”  Then write the answers that come down.

On a nine energy day set the intention to release something.  Go about your business knowing that at some point during the day you’ll know what to let go of.


Another way to get comfortable creating with universal energy is to lean in for a full manifestation cycle.

First, choose a project, whether it’s a whole project or one piece of a larger project.

Next, plan to start and complete within the nine day cycle and schedule your actions accordingly.

Then, watch the magick unfold.


Don’t forget to download your free guide to using Universal Day Energy here

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