Let go in March

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Let go is the message of March 2022

The 9 energy of March encourages us to let go.

What doesn’t belong in your future now that you’re committed to trusting yourself and being aligned?

Let the shoulds go.

Let the have tos go.

Release what no longer serves you.



Release past beliefs about yourself, about life and about the world.

Release old ways of doing business, old habits and patterns.

Release old thought patterns, old ideas, old conditioning and expectations.

Let go of the need to control the outcome.  While your mind may have a story of the ideal result for any situation, the universe may have an even better version that’s possible only when you relinquish your need to control.  This is true surrender.

Surrender is not giving up.  Surrender is doing what needs done trusting everything will work out for the best.

You may find you’re tempted to be more in your head during March than you have during the two previous months.  In this year of conscious realignment letting your head hold the reins is not going to work out well.

In March your growth edge will be around limiting the power you allow your old thought patterns and beliefs to have.  Listen to your wise inner voice, pay attention to the messages you hear from spirit, go deep with your intuition – and then act accordingly.

One of the lessons of March is spiritual responsibility; of standing strong in who you are here to be in this lifetime, staying true to the spiritual messages you receive, claiming your magickal power – the power of the universe is in you to use responsibly.

March throws us straight into a full manifestation cycle on a 9 spades day that asks us to release our expectations in transformation.  As you’re transforming, let go of how it should happen; surrender and commit to the process.

We flow through three full manifestation cycles through March.

The initial cycle in spade energy is internal – it’s all about you – the unseen in you.

When you observe from a higher perspective what are you willing to release?


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Daphne Wells coaches women to design a life and business that feels free by helping to release expectations that don’t resonate and fully embrace what makes them happiest. An advocate for independence and author of Decide – Choose your own path, Daphne helps women find their inner strength and take courageous action all over the world.

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