How to keep being consistent when you feel like giving up

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Consistency is key to your success

Knowing what activities and tasks move the needle forward and make progress toward your desired outcomes and then doing those consistently over time will get the results you want – we all know this to be true and yet …

We all have those days when we feel like giving up, when throwing in the towel appears the best option available to us.

Many indeed do give up.  Sadly, many of those who throw in the towel may well have literally been three feet from gold.

If you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ you’ll know what I’m referring to.  If you haven’t here’s the short version.



A man owned a chunk of land that contained a gold mine. 

One day he became tired of digging consistently without finding gold so he sold his land and gold mine. 

The purchaser began digging enthusiastically.

He literally dug another three feet from where the original owner had given up and struck a huge cache of gold! 


What if the original owner hadn’t given up?  He’d have made far more money than he did by seeling the land.

The moral of the story is that keeping going, doing what needs done consistently will reap rewards.


Knowing that consistency is important does not make being consistent any easier.

Let’s explore why that is true.


Leadership is a lonely road and veering off your path becomes seductively tempting at times.

The buck stops with you. Business ownership means that every decision rests on you along with responsibility for the outcome of those decisions.

As a leader and business owner, isolation is very real. This sense of aloneness can feel overwhelming from time to time.

Additionally, our emotional triggers, bad habits and limiting beliefs all shake to the surface on our leadership journey and force you to face all your internal baggage.  While facing these is an essential part of our life-long growth and evolution, they often rear their ugly heads at inconvenient moments; which inevitably adds to our sense of vulnerability.


Here are some ways you can be consistent when you do feel like giving up:

Connect with your vision daily. Spend time being emotionally present in your ideal future reality.  The more connected you are, the more motivated you’ll be to do what you need to do to get there.

Know your priorities and the actions you need to take. Get really clear on the 20% that makes the difference for you.

Schedule those actions as must-dos in your day. Do them early in the day.

Make self-care a priority. Your energy is one of your key assets.  When you take care of you and consciously exercise your self-command muscle you get to be in control of your mind rather than your crafty band of saboteurs running your brain.

Align everything you do with your values, your vision and your purpose. Being in alignment allows ease and flow into your life and business.

Play more. Creating a game that incorporates your daily must-dos, those actions that you need to do each day no matter what, brings more fun and enthusiasm to the table as you undertake those tasks.

Reward yourself. Celebrate your wins regardless of how small they seem.  As you do, you’ll create a situation where more and more wins appear.

Invest in support. Whether it’s a coach, an inner circle of peers, or an accountability buddy, knowing people have your back and believe in you keeps you going strong.  My clients, whether private coaching clients or inner circle clients, always do what they’ve committed to doing.

Want my help with being consistent?  Shoot me a message and we’ll chat.




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