Creative Expansion

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June 2022 is the month of Expansion in our year of Conscious Realignment


3 energy is all about creativity, expansion and amplification.  It grows and expands.

The overall theme of the month is trusting yourself as you expand creatively whilst being responsible for the consequences of your decisions.

Things will move quicker this month with the 3 energy present.  It’s a playful, highly creative energy.  It’s time to explore, to enjoy pleasure and have fun.

With the 6 energy of June present, you’ll be a little more in your head and using your mental energy to support your creativity.  Avoiding the temptation to overthink and indulge in perfection paralysis will be worth you keeping an eye on in June.

Listen in for all the juicy details in your energy forecast for June 2022 …



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Daphne Wells coaches women to design a life and business that feels free by helping to release expectations that don’t resonate and fully embrace what makes them happiest. An advocate for independence and author of Decide – Choose your own path, Daphne helps women find their inner strength and take courageous action all over the world.

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