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Deepen and expand your trust in your creativity

May brings 3 energy into 2023 that wants you to deepen and expand your trust in your creativity; to really sink into it and embody it.


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Who are you when you trust your own creativity?

How willing are you to show up fully in your creation?

To claim your creative power?

To let others witness your creative magick?

To be visible?

To be in the spotlight?

The key in May is to do trust and create with compassion – compassion for you, compassion for others, compassion for your creativity and your creations.  And to have fun, to play, to create and receive pleasure.

How much pleasure are you willing to allow yourself?

Where do you hold back from pleasure?


Show up

Universal energy in May reminds you that how you show up creates your experience. It’s up to you, it’s your responsibility.

Life does not happen to you; rather, you create it with each choice and decision you make.



Emotional energy runs high

The 5 of May being present each day means you’ll feel more deeply.

Emotional energy will be more prevalent this month. The emotional plane of the energy grid dominates every day in May.

How willing are you to trust your intense feelings and emotions?


Spade energy in May

Spade energy in the first five days of May calls you to release those deeply held beliefs that no longer serve you.

What’s holding you back?

And then what?

Go deeper and then deeper again to expose, heal and release.


Diamond energy in May

Diamond energy in May asks you to lead with your vision, to be intentional in your actions, and to trust.  It’s calling you to step fully into leading you.  To be you.  To own your power.  To show up fully.

You’re reminded to intentionally align your actions with your personal values.

Where do your actions reflect your values?

How do your values show up in your day-to-day life and work?

What do you stand for, no matter what?

What evidence is there in your physical world that reflects your inner values?


Club energy in May

Club energy in the latter part of May invites you to deepen your commitment.  May brings us the first full cycle of club energy for the year.

What are you committed to?

What encourages you to stay in momentum?

How willing are you to deepen your belief in yourself?

To be more committed to you and your knowing?

Where could you have more compassion for you?


Deeper trust lets in deeper creativity

As you embody trust more fully, your trust in creativity will deepen.

May is an integral piece of 2023 – the year to embody trust.


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