The fast, easy and certain way to identify your ideal client

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There’s got to be an easier way to identify your ideal client!

Have you ever wondered why identifying your ideal client seems so time-suckingly, painstakingly difficult?


I know I did for many years.

Are you like I was?

You’ve done all the 3, 5, 8 and 10 step processes out there on the internet.

You’ve journaled till the cows come home and then some.

You’ve tried this, that and then the other.  Over and over again.

Till you’re blue in the face.

And still, you’re not confident who you help and how you help them.

You second guess yourself.

You wonder if you did it right, if you answered the questions correctly.

It’s like those personality tests that all rely on your answers.  When you’re not happy with what it tells you, you wonder what it would have told you if you’d answered the questions differently.

Is this you?

If so, read on honey, I have the answers you’ve been searching for.


I’m here to tell you there is an easier way. Here it is …

The fast, easy and certain way to identify your ideal client.


And to feel confident that you’ve nailed it!


Numerology is the key to this.


With numerology there’s no wrong answer, no second-guessing and no ability, or need, to change anything. 

Numerology is based on your date of birth – and there’s no way you can change that!


Numerology gives you radical permission and confidence to be you! 

Cos that’s who you were born as!   Here’s how it works using numerology to identify your ideal client:

Using numerology I calculate your energy and what makes you attractive to your ideal clients.


This gives you certainty, confidence and removes all the guess work!

What’s the energy you have that they need?

It’s easy and undisputable to determine using numerology.


As an example of how deep this goes, here’s mine:


My clients are attracted to me because I’m an innovative, intelligent and benevolent leader, role model and guide; a purpose and spiritual confidence builder. 

I blend logic and emotion, helping them create stability through process and I support them to complete anything they choose to. 

I see possibilities where others see limits.  I transform ordinary into extraordinary. 

My clients are attracted to me because I’m a creator of ideas, I’m sensitive, independent and strong. 

I help them make decisions and then implement those for their greatest good so they have more freedom to pursue their spiritual purpose and evolution. 

I help my clients create traction and move forward into their work and life purpose, rather than hiding in the shadows.


Numerology truly can answer any question you have.


What problems do they have that you can solve?

What can you help them with?

What outcomes do they want?

What do I help them to do get those?


Numerology is the secret key to all this too.


Let’s answer those questions using me as an example:


My clients are guided by a strong sense of justice and duty. 

They’re hopeless romantics with a history of sacrificing themselves for love and for others.  They’re sick and tired of that. 

They want to stop doing all the things, of doing and being everything for everyone, and to stop being overly responsible for others.

They want to share their wisdom, skills, knowledge and magic with the world yet fear being accused of being a fraud.

They want to make more money from their healing, spiritual or transformational business. 

With my help they learn to give and be of service to others without sacrificing themselves in the process.

They live their spiritual purpose and follow their higher guidance. 

With my help they learn to create win-win scenarios, mutually beneficial relationships, for all involved, and in the process gain increased awareness and receive higher levels of love. 

They learn to make effective, empowered decisions trusting their intuition, based on their values and beliefs.  They get to live the lifestyle they choose for their family.

My clients want success in arts or creative work, to upgrade their lifestyle while feeling pulled by purpose.  They’re ambitious and like to push boundaries of what is possible.  

Through working with me they are transformed by and make important changes in health, work, lifestyle or relationships. 


As in all relationships there’s a mutual gift and a personal gift for each person involved.


This applies as much to our ideal clients and business relationships as it does to family, friend and romantic relationships.


We’ll use my ideal client’s relationship with me as an example here:

The gifts my ideal client receives through working with me are increased intuitive awareness, success and abundance through applying their knowledge in a service capacity, and financial success that supports their long-term sustainability.


Numerology truly is your cheat-sheet to business and life!


Want your ideal client information?

Want to short-cut the guess work?

Want to feel certain about your ideal client and how you best serve them?

After I calculate all your ideal client information we have a magical, transformational conversation and afterwards you receive a copy of your report.  You can access that here.


What question do you want answered?

Shoot me an email at with your questions and I’ll get the answers to you.

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Daphne Wells coaches women to design a life and business that feels free by helping to release expectations that don’t resonate and fully embrace what makes them happiest. An advocate for independence and author of Decide – Choose your own path, Daphne helps women find their inner strength and take courageous action all over the world.

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