What is numerology and how can it help you?

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Numerology is the science and alchemy of transformation and growth.


Our entire universe is made up of numbers and patterns.

With ancient roots dating back to Atlantis around 22,000 years ago, the numerological calculations we use today are attributed to Pythagoras, the great mathematician and philosopher who lived around 600BC.  He dubbed numerology the ‘science of numbers’.

Pythagoras’ name may be familiar to you from maths in school for the triangle theorem named after him.  What you may not know is that he is known as the father of numerology.

In 532BC Pythagoras established a university at Crotona, a Greek colony in southern Italy.  It was open to anyone who wanted to learn regardless of sex or race.  He did, however, require that they make a commitment to intense study.

Part of his curriculum focused on understanding the meaning of life, its purpose and how to live your own purpose. His teachings here were based on the science of numbers that became known as numerology.

The essence of his teachings is

“Know thyself, and then thou shalt know the universe and God”.


Numerology is the secret key to knowing yourself.

Numerology is your cheat-sheet for doing business and life your way.


Your parents gave you a name. 

The Universe gave you a code. 

Your personal code is your energetic map, your secret key to life. 


Numerology is your owner’s manual for being who you are hard-wired to be.


How numerology can help you

Through numerology you can discover who you really are, who you were born as rather than who the world has told you to be. You’ll find out how you can improve and understand your life and yourself more deeply.

The more deeply you know yourself, the better you are able to create the lifestyle you desire for you and your family. 

Numerology can help you deepen and enrich your relationships with other people, and live a more love-filled life.  In any relationship there’s a mutual gift you both receive and an individual gift each of you receives from being in the relationship.

Knowing those gifts gives you a deeper understanding of each other and the relationship between you.

Numerology can fast-track your business success by identifying your ideal client and how you are designed to serve them.  That short-circuits months or years of trial and erroring your way through the myriad of processes out there in the marketplace.

Numerology is an easy, fool-proof way to be certain of your choices and decisions.

It’s the energy blueprint for your life and business.


What is a numerologist?

A numerologist is someone who has studied the patterns and numbers that make up our entire universe.  My studies derive directly from the ancient origins of numerology in Atlantis and are based on the work of Pythagoras and Olney H Richmond. 

As a certified numerologist I use your date of birth to uncover the truth of who you were born as, provide insanely powerful revelations that empower you and give you radical permission and freedom to live the life you were born for.  Along with my coaching you receive a truly magical and powerful mix of insights and support to achieve anything your heart desires.

Sure, you can access some information online.  When I did that I found it overwhelming and confusing.  On the other hand, when I received my report from a certified numerologist, I had insights about myself I’d never had before and, as a result, felt more confident than ever before to be me rather than who family and society had told me to be. I felt empowered and finally able to give myself permission to show up fully as me.

My clients regularly report insanely accurate insights into who they are, they feel as though we’ve peeped into their soul, and they refer to their report often to receive deeper understandings about themselves.


How does it work?

You choose which aspect of numerology you want to explore.  I calculate and interpret your chart – in that process I gain deep insight into your energy, your potential and possibilities.  Then we pop on a call where we discuss your chart and how you can apply the information to your current situation and your future.  You’ll see and feel yourself in new and fresh ways!  After that call you receive your report document.


Want to know more?  Drop me a message, email me at daphne@daphnewells.com or pop on over here



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