How to create marketing materials that work


Your marketing materials are an extension of you and your business.  They go out into the world to spread your magical message about your business, who you serve and how you serve them.  They’re ambassadors for your business who speak to your potential clients when you’re not there. 

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to get carried away with marketing collateral.  Everywhere you see flashy, clever advertising and marketing.  Somehow it’s easy to feel pressure to keep up with the joneses.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work.  You spend more money and your results are sometimes unimpressive. 

Irrespective of whatever your competitors do, your marketing materials communicate your message to your ideal clients with the intention of motivating them to act. 

Marketing materials don’t need to be glossy or flashy to be effective. 

How would your ideal clients prefer to hear from you and about you? 

How do they prefer to receive information? 

Are your prospective clients environmentally conscious or technology savvy? 

Do they appreciate personal contact, or prefer to receive information via email?

How you communicate is just as or more important than what you communicate, and how often you communicate. 

Glossy design is not important.  Clear and professional looking materials are absolutely essential.

When you’re trying something new my recommendation is that you test, measure and make mistakes in small batches or online.

And then test, measure and make choices again. 

In the end the strength of your marketing is in what you say and how you say it. 

Flashy design can get in the way of the message and mean you miss an opportunity to attract a client. 

Simple, clear marketing delivers an easy-to-understand message to your prospective clients and brings results for your business. 

Always test, measure and then make choices. 

Remember to have fun with it!


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