How to generate more leads for your business

Start with knowing your current position.  When you have a solid understanding of where your business stands right now in terms of lead generation you’ll be able to make informed decisions as to where your best qualified leads come from.  Unless you’re tracking your leads, you’ll never know which strategies are working well for you and which are not so effective. 

Here’s what you need to know about your current position:

  • Where are your currently leads coming from?
  • How many leads do you receive each day, each week or via each campaign you run?
  • Which are your top three lead generation strategies at this point in time?

When you have a lead generation tracking and management system in place, you’re able to make better decisions about future marketing campaigns.  It organises your sales and marketing efforts whilst also managing contact information in a user-friendly way. 

Here’s what you’ll need to have in a lead generation system:

  • Ability to record the leads that arrive by phone, in-store visit and website visit
  • Ability to track the source of each lead over specific time periods
  • Capable of recording pertinent customer information
  • Easy to use features that any and all staff or team members can use
  • Ability to track your leads through your sales process
  • Ability to track communications, correspondences and follow-up requirements

Once you have a comprehensive lead tracking system in place, you’ll be able to track the leads that each strategy is responsible for generating.  Then you’ll be better able to stop using strategies that don’t work. 

Although the initial set-up period will take you time, once established, your lead tracking and lead management system will only require minimal time investment as long as you keep it up to date.  If you fall behind in keeping it updated, you’ll not be able to effectively evaluate your campaign or strategy; and you may miss out on sales because you didn’t follow up soon enough.  The biggest pain and drain on time with systems is having to go back and enter lots of data into your system because you’ve let it pile up. 

Keeping it updated means the information in your system is more valuable to you.   You get to choose whether you do it as you go, or daily, or weekly; regardless of what you choose schedule it and just do it. 

Analyse what information you need to include in your system before selecting which system best suits you and your business.  Select a system that’s easy to use for you and your staff. 

Once you have your system in place, it’ll become more obvious how best to generate more leads for your business than it was prior to having a lead generation and management system. 

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