How vigilant are you being?


Do you find you talk negatively to yourself?


“Self-suggestion makes you master of yourself” 

W Clement Stone

Do you catch yourself, and stop yourself, when you do?

When you choose to practice positive self-talk, you may discover you have a stream of negative thoughts that continually run through your mind.  Your role then is to correct each negative statement that flows through your mind.  As you become aware of this, you’ll hear it more and more so that you can reframe it to positivity.

Perhaps you say to yourself “I’ll never be able to finish this …” or “I’m such a terrible public speaker …” take a moment to stop and correct your thought.  Choose to say instead “I’ll do the best I can to complete this,” or “I become better at public speaking the more I do it”. 

Positive self-talk means you’re getting rid of the negative thoughts that run through your mind much of the time, such as:

  • That’s impossible
  • Don’t even bother
  • It’s already been done
  • We tried that, and it didn’t work
  • You’re too young
  • You’re too old
  • You’ll never get there
  • You’ll never get that done
  • You can’t do that


“Be very careful what you say to yourself, because someone very important is listening … YOU!”

John Assaraf


Through positive self-talk you can harness the power of your internal dialogue, your constant stream of thoughts, judgments and beliefs; and transform them into positive affirmations.  Examples are:

  • I will close the sales presentation and secure this client
  • I am a capable and positive person
  • I deserve the success that I’ve achieved
  • I am doing the best I can
  • I will assert my needs in my relationship
  • I have all the information I need to succeed


“Evidence is conclusive that your self-talk has a direct bearing on your performance” 

Zig Ziglar


My strong recommendation is for you to STOP, every time you hear yourself say or think any of these, either out loud or silently inside of you.


Spend time every day affirming you, speaking positively to you, being kind to you and watch you blossom and bloom!


“I monitor my self-talk,

making sure that it is uplifting

and supporting of myself and others” 

Louise Hay

If Louise Hay does it, it’s gotta be worth you and me doing as well, right?


Reach out if you want help with any of this xx


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