Integrate your growth

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It’s time to integrate

August asks you to integrate your growth and transformation, to bring it all together with compassion.

Knowing that you know, trusting that you know;

knowing what you know, trusting what you know. 

The more you integrate, the more you embody trust



August brings 6 energy into 2023

6 energy in August may bring feelings of nostalgia for the past remembering the conscious realignment of 6 energy throughout 2022.

Remember that you are no longer that person.

You’ve transformed and grown so much in these past few months.  There is no going back.


Realigning and integrating

An essential component of realigning and integrating is being aware of where you’re not aligned.

What’s now out of alignment with your values and beliefs?

What’s no longer a fit for your purpose and vision?

What wants tweaked or adjusted to fit your present?

As you bring all that you’ve discovered together, what’s no longer aligned and wants released?



Diamond energy in August

With no spade energy this month, you’re straight into diamond energy with their physicality, their desire to see material evidence and changes.

Diamond energy in August invites you to integrate new possibilities as you deepen your trust in your intuition.

What new information and wisdom are you now ready to share as you trust your own wisdom, resourcefulness and ability to create the success you want?


Club energy in August

Club energy in August wants you to be deeply curious while trusting your intuition and soul rather than your thoughts and knowledge.

What more is possible when you trust your purpose and commit to furthering it fully?

When you’re aligned and trusting you’re more powerful than you realize.


Heart energy in August

Heart energy in August asks you to release whatever no longer aligns for you as you move forward.

Resist the temptation to get stuck in your head and want to hold onto old thoughts and beliefs that no longer fit the you you are now, nor the future you you aspire to be.

Remember no one else is on the same journey as you.

You are responsible for your growth and transformation.  Period.

Similarly, no one has the right to tell you who to be or how to be.


The more you integrate, the deeper you embody trust

Know that you know, trust that you know; know what you know, trust what you know.


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