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September mirrors and expands

September serves as the mirror of the year energy and amplifies it.

This is the month to check in with your progress so far this year.

How open are you to embodying trust? 

To deepening your self-trust? 

After the slower energy of integration in August, September speeds everything up.


Trust and take inspired action

September asks you to trust and take inspired action.

To learn from the action you take and then take the next step.

To keep on keeping on.

You never know when you’re 3 feet from gold.

September energy


Risky or reckless?

7 energy in September reminds you that taking risks doesn’t mean you need to be reckless.

Where is your line between risk and reckless? 

Consider what is appropriate responsibility for you in any situation or circumstance.

What’s yours and what isn’t?



More trust = less fear

How willing are you to dive off the diving board into the unknown? 

The deeper you embody trust, the more certain you’ll be of when it’s appropriate to dive and when not to.

The more you embody trust, the less hold fear has over you and the temptation to crawl back down the steps of the diving board is less strong.


Diamond energy in September

Diamond energy the first 10 days of September asks you to view from a higher perspective – to be the eagle floating higher than usual.

From the eagle’s perch you’ll perceive an understanding of what’s happening and imagine new ways to move forward.

Then you’re asked to trust and take inspired action.


Club energy in September

Club energy in the middle of September wants you to lead with your purpose.

To be purposeful and aligned as you take inspired action.  To put the structures required in place and get things done.

This is not a time to lay back and be complacent.  This is time to take inspired action trusting you know.


Heart energy in September

Heart energy the final week of September wants you to go deep rather than be superficial.

It asks you to stay in the flow of momentum, to keep on going, to stay committed.

To keep taking inspired action.

To trust that going deeper in your communcations, whether they be with individuals face-to-face or online with large groups, is appropriate.



Trust and take inspired action

The more you embody trust, the eassier it becomes to take inspired action.


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