Momentum requires leadership energy

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Be in the flow of momentum

Being in the flow of momentum requires leadership energy.

October brings 8 energy that puts your inner and outer strengths under the spotlight for you to be aware of them both and reminds you to lean into both to be in flow.


October energy of momentum


We have two 8 energy months this year, each with a different flavor, to prepare us for the 8 year energy of 2024.

8 energy can be extremely expansive and magnetic when you’re aligned, you trust and you’re in flow.

Alternatively, you can become stuck and isolated in one of the bubbles of the 8.

The choice is always yours.

Being in flow in 8 energy becomes easier as you embody trust.

Values and action

You’re in action and now it’s time to keep going, to keep your momentum going.

In this energy it’s important to always keep your values front and center.

Your inner and values need to agree.

Your actions and your values need to align.

How will your actions uphold your values and what you stand for? 

What do you stand for?

What do you stand against?

When you focus on doing or trying harder in order to get the outcomes you want you’re staying put in one of the bubbles of the 8.  When you do that you are being the boulder in the way, not allowing the energy and momentum that will propel you forward to your success to flow.





Momentum, once it’s flowing, doesn’t require hard work to keep it going.  Rather than being a burden or obligation, all it requires is consistent action.

Think of a factory that keeps going 24/7/365.  It takes so much more effort to shut it down and reopen that it’s more efficient to keep it going all day every day.

You’re not a machine so there’s no need for you to keep going all day every day

Being in momentum requires you to stay in action, to know what needs done consistently and to do it. 


Momentum requires leadership energy

Momentum requires a leader who leads by doing rather than dictating to others how they ‘should’ do it.

It’s time for you to be the the leader who’s willing to get in and do rather than shout orders, one who’s part of the team.

Be, then do

Leadership is first who you are being, and then what you do.

You are the leader of your own life, your own business and your own team, even if that team is you fulfilling different roles.

Who are you as a leader?

When are you dedicated to being a kind and trustworthy leader?

What must you do each day to stay in momentum without being swept away by the current? 


Your intention is key

Intention is everything in 8 energy.  Be intentional in every aspect of life and business. Set intentions for everything you do.

Ensure your intentions are aligned.

What is your intention?

How do you want to feel whilst you’re doing?

Who are you being while you’re in action?  



What are the actions you must do in your life and business to be in momentum?

What habits do you need to foster?


Diamond energy in October

Diamond energy in October, the first 8 days of the month, mirrors and strengthens the 8 energy of October. You’re being asked to double down on staying in momentum, to be committed, to be focused, to know your priorities.

It reminds you that it’s imperative for you to be in integrity, for your inner and outer values to agree.

What are your priorities?

What are you focusing on?

What are you committed to?

How will your actions uphold your values and what you stand for?

Club energy in October

Club energy in October, from October 9 through 21, wants to expand your curiosity and creativity.

It asks you to be fascinated and deeply curious as you imagine what’s possible when you remember that your ROI comes in many forms other than money.

What is truly important for you?

In what situations are your values aligned with your self-worth?

When aren’t they?

What makes the difference?

Heart energy in October

Heart energy in October, beginning October 22 amplifies the energy of 2023 and asks you to embody trust more than ever before as you keep your momentum going.

How can you fall deeper in love with your purpose, your why you do what you do?

How dedicated are you to being a consistent and trustworthy leader?

Momentum is not a burden or an obligation

Momentum does not require overworking or overdelivery.

Momentum requires you to lead you, to trust you, to love you, to be connected with your inner wisdom and to align your actions with your values.


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