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Your Knowing in November

9 energy in November asks you to recognize and own what you know in your heart and soul as you reflect on your journey of embodying trust that you may not have known or realized you knew previously?  I’m not talking head knowledge, this is heart and soul knowing.

This energy wants you to deepen your self-awareness as you embody deeper trust.


9 energy in November


November asks you to let go of what’s not relevant to your future.  These will come in all shapes, sizes and forms and may include things, offerings, people, beliefs, habits or expectations.

When you reflect on your growth this year and anticipate what’s next, what wants released?

What do you need to let go of to create space for what’s next? 

November wants you to use the mirror of the 9 energy to acknowledge what you know.  To deeply honor and own how far you’ve come, how much you’ve transformed, how different you are.

9 energy asks you to view everything from a higher perspective, rather than getting stuck in the details.



Trust that you know what to release

Trust that you know your next step to move forward and keep making progress.


Diamond energy in November

Diamond energy the first 6 days of November asks you to double down on embodying trust.

Know that you know that you trust you. 

When you doubt yourself, feel frustrated or not want to take action remember that no one ever got what they want by doing nothing.  Pause, listen to your knowing, be guided by your intuition, trust yourself, and take that next aligned step.

When you feel shaky in your self-trust recall the evidence you have of your successes up till now – no matter how small they may seem, every step you’ve taken has gotten you to where you are.

In this energy it’s important to keep the promises you’ve made to yourself, to hold yourself to commitments that are aligned for you and keep going.


Club energy in November

Club energy in November 7 through 19, wants you to connect the dots between your knowing, your decisions and your actions.

It’s your responsibility to share your wisdom and knowing, aka your magickal gifts with those who need your help.

That’s why you’re here. If you’re not, what’s the point? 

Now is the time for you to take action aligned with your values.


Heart energy in November

Heart energy from November 20 asks you to be guided by your heart, your knowing, your intuition and your soul.

If your heart could choose any feeling you want, what would that be? 

What would you need to release for that to become your reality? 

Knowing and feeling that feeling is crucial as you dream forward and prepare for next year.


Overall, November asks you to trust that you know what to leave behind as you keep progressing on your own path.


I’ve opened up some spots for personal energy readings to plan your November.  Want one? 


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