Is Karma really the b*!%h we’ve been led to believe?

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So, Daphne, is Karma really the b*!%h we’ve been told it is?

Short answer: NO, NO, NO.

Longer answer is here:



Let’s begin at the beginning with an understanding of what karma really is …


Karma literally means action

The word derives from Sanskrit; action, your actions, your responsibility.

The action itself, of course, is not as important as the intention behind your action.

Your intention is vital – it shows up in your results.

Your intention is everything – it’s evident in your growth and evolution.


Essentially karma guides our growth and helps us to lean into and realize our potential.   Given that changing and growing into a fuller version of ourselves is why we’re here on planet earth, karma is simply a vehicle for our change, growth and evolution. 


As with everything in life, the deeper our understanding is the more we can lean into our potential and possibility.


In any relationship we don’t give and receive the same gifts or energy – the same is true of karma – we don’t give and receive karma energy with the same person or energy.

Makes sense, right?  Otherwise, we’d be spinning rather than growing and that’s not living!


Let’s look at how karma does work.



Karma in Relationships

There are those people and particular energies that people carry that have been pre-determined to trigger us to grow in certain areas of life. We receive from them. They set off our grwoth triggers of love or frustration.

They come into our lives to help us clear challenges and issues regarding the shadow energy they carry, and to help us create potential and empowered experiences through the gifts they carry.

Additionally, the reverse is true – there are different people and particular energies that people carry that are pre-selected to be triggered by your energy in order for them to grow and evolve.

Your energy triggers their growth through aspects of love or frustration.  They come into your life to learn from you.  You have opportunity to share with them.

Karmic energy is cyclical.  You give to others.  The energy flows through others as it moves around the circle and returns to you to benefit you later in the form that you require for your growth.

Using my Advanced Numerology skills I can calculate the energy of any relationship you are involved in and are curious to know more about.  That has proven to be extremely helpful in navigating relationships.


Laws of Karma

Everything is energy and energy is governed by universal principles and laws.  These are the 12 that apply to karma:


The law of cause and effect

Essentially this is the proverbial “As you sow, so shall you reap”

The intention and energy you do anything with is everything.  To receive kindness and love BE kind and loving in everything you do.  Lead with love and kindness.


The law of creation

Life doesn’t happen to you.  It requires your participation.  We are all co-creating our lives with the Universe.  Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world.


The law of humility

Awareness and acceptance are key to growing and changing.  This requires self-responsibility and leaves no room for blaming others or playing the victim.


The law of growth

You are the common denominator in all of your life.  Wherever you go, there you are.  You can’t control others, only yourself.  You are the one who must change if you want change in your life, not others.


The law of responsibility

We must all take responsibility for what’s in our lives.   Own your situation rather than excuse it.


The law of connection

Everything in our Universe is connected.  The past, the present and the future are all connected.  Each step we take, each action we do, each thought we have – they all lead to the next one.


The law of focus

You can’t focus on the negative aspects of life whilst wanting the positive to show up; it simply cannot.   Similarly, you’ll achieve the results you desire faster and with less effort when you’re focused on one outcome rather than your focus being scattered on too many at the same time.


The law of giving and hospitality

It’s essential to walk your talk, to act in accordance with your beliefs rather than only stating your beliefs.  Life will provide opportunity for you to practice what you’ve learned – that is why you learned the lesson afterall!


The law of here and now

Live in the present rather than looking backward at what was or fretting over your future.  Your old thoughts, old dreams and old patterns of behavior stop you growing and creating new ones.


The law of change

History has a habit of repeating itself until you learn the lessons required to grow.  Similar situations will occur, similar people will show up and similar experiences will happen until you provide evidence you’ve learned the lessons you need to in order to step into a new version of you.


The law of patience and reward

Success requires consistency of attention and patience.  Generally speaking your reward is tied to your life purpose.  When you focus on that in everything you do you’ll feel rewarded in each moment.


The law of significance and inspiration

Everything you do is significant.  The value of it is a direct result of the energy and intent you inject into it.  Each and every one of your contributions contributes to the Universe and the greater good.  Your loving contributions bring life and inspiration to all.


If I were to summarize those 12 laws into one guiding principle, I’d say:

Lead with love and kindness – treating others as you want to be treated


Got questions?  Email them to me at or message me wherever we’re connected on social media.  I’m here to help you navigate your path to living the life you were born to live.

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