Truth! I’ve always wanted to do it my way!

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I’ve always wanted to do it my way!

I’ve always wanted to do it my way!
To live my life on my terms.
To not follow the rules.
They were made to be broken weren’t they? Or at least bent?

Doing it my way, without anyone telling me what to do has always been really important to me.

It’s not always been easy. And it’s certainly caused a fair amount of tension in my life, but it’s so vital to my existence that I’ve always done whatever was needed to find a way to do it my way.

I remember as a 13 year old desperately wanting a pair of leather and suede boots. They were all the rage at the time and it was vital that I had a pair, right?

The problem was that my mother didn’t agree with me. Accordingly to her I most definitely did not need a pair of boots and I was not getting a pair of boots.

Unfortunately, that just didn’t satisfy me.
I wanted those boots.
I needed those boots.
I was going to have those boots.

But, in order to buy those boots I required some money and I didn’t have any.

I determined to do whatever it took to earn the money to buy them.

I was a bit of a freak amongst my peers. Knitting was easy for me. I was super quick at it. I could knit whatever I wanted in super quick time. As luck would have it, a young mum with three sons wanted matching jerseys knitted for her boys.

Her problem was that she either couldn’t knit or didn’t have time, I really don’t remember which. For me it was a god send.
The answer to my problem.
My method of earning the funds to purchase my boots.
They were mine, after all, and the storekeeper was just looking after them for me till I earned the money to bring them home.

I really don’t remember how long it took me to knit those three jerseys, however, I did bring my boots home.

I loved those boots and wore them for many years.

My boots taught me some precious lessons.
• I could do anything I wanted to if I just put my mind to it and wanted it badly enough.
• Focusing on the end goal gets you there quicker.
• There is always a way to do whatever I choose and have it succeed.

Mum wasn’t always right, I did need those boots. However, if she’d agreed to buy them for me I would not have learned the lessons I did. Even though at the time I certainly didn’t feel grateful for her refusing to buy them for me, in retrospect she did me a huge service.
Thanks Mum xx

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