July 2022 energy forecast

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Welcome to July 2022 – the month of consciously realigning your foundation.

July brings 4 energy that’s all about structure, boundaries and foundation.  It’s about being strong, safe, stable, productive and organized.

Think table here – tables have 4 legs – unless they’re the same height and the table is standing on a level surface you’re not going to want to dance on it.  Unless each of those legs is in integrity – attached securely, made of solid material, you’re not going to be safe to stand on it.

Without a firm foundation your life and business are on shaky ground and that makes it difficult for you to trust yourself.

Is your foundation aligned given all the growth and transformation you’ve experience already in 2022?

Is your current structure aligned with what you need to support your growth and evolution now and moving forward?

Trusting your intuition is vital as you consciously realign your foundation.

What boundaries do you need to tweak, adjust or put in place to serve you at now and in the future?

When your foundation is firm your self-trust expands and you feel safe to be the visionary leader you are here to be – to lead through modelling, to be the example for others to emulate.

You get to choose whether you step into that higher level of leadership or not.  It’s always up to you.



The final two days of June and the first two of July have the potential to be a wild ride as we have four days, Wednesday through Saturday, where we cycle through all four different energies of the four suits.  This is the only time this occurs each year.

We experience heart energy for the first time and farewell spade energy for 2022.

Saturday July 2nd is the pivot point of the year – the middle day of 2022, day #183 of 365.

Essentially then this speedy whirl through all four energies asks you to review where you’re at with consciously realigning everything in your world.

While spade energy focuses more on the unseen than the seen, heart energy that becomes increasing dominant in the second half of the year asks you to focus on your relationships, both with self and with others.

Spade energy in July asks you to double down on conscious realignment.

Diamond energy this month asks you to show up fully as you so the world can see who you truly are, what’s important to you and how you help others.  It asks you to be led by spirit and intuition as you share your value with those who need your gifts and medicine.

Club energy in July asks you to be playful and curious as you share your knowledge, wisdom and message.  Are you willing to try new ways of communicating?

Heart energy this July asks you to pause, to reflect and to see from a higher perspective so that you move forward in new ways.  Make space for reflection.

Your mission in July is to consciously realign your foundation so you feel safe to be the soul-led visionary leader you are coded being so you can share your magick with the world and make more money with ease and flow.

When you’re ready for a personalized energy forecast or reading message me or pop over here.


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